Important Information on Writing a Will

Writing a will is a very avoided subject and action among many in this world. Not only does it bring to life the fact that we will inevitably meet our doom and leave our loved ones behind, but it also actualizes that we have to assign our worldly possessions to those same loved ones. With that in mind, there is

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10 Steps of Essay Writing

Essay writing can be a stressful situation, days and weeks of worrying and research. Then days off questioning yourself afterword’s while you wait for the results. Here are 10 steps to make essay writing, easy writing.
Thoroughly Review Essay Subject

Keywords should be highlighted.
Familiarize yourself with any unknown words.
Make sure to acknowledge any directional words such as ‘Define’, Discuss’,

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9 Sites for a Freelance Writer

With quality writers in demand, a freelance writer is as valuable as water to man in the heat. However, there are several different sites and companies that will only pay a percentage of a cent, to only a couple of cents per word. Though hard work causes it to add up, your time and ability can be worth a lot

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Copywriting Made Simple

A copywriter finds themselves in very comfortable working environments, seeing as how many work from their own home, and to great results as far as pay and work load. Not to say anyone can do it, you must have that writing knack to be able to endure the hours of typing and spell/fact checking. One of the biggest misconceptions of

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Topics for Your Company Blog

You read the latest on SEO or heard that a competitor has one, so you did it.  You added a blog to your website.  Now what?  Now that you have a blog, you need content, and not just once, but on an ongoing basis.  A dead blog is, in a lot of ways, worse than no blog at all, as

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Using Bloggers to Market Your Product

You’ve done it.  You’ve created a great new widget.  All your friends and family are impressed and they are encouraging you create more and sell them.  You give it a try, and find that there is a market, so you start production.  Now it is time to market your creation.  You could purchase ads on television or in the newspaper. 

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Six Free Apps for Writers

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, a writer’s toolbox consisted of a notebook, a selection of pens and pencils, erasers, a dictionary, and, if he or she was lucky, a typewriter.  Today’s writer may still use pens, pencils and erasers but the typewriter has been replaced with a computer and the dictionary with a smartphone app.  Besides

Book Review: Roadfood 9th Edition

What is your favorite restaurant? McDonald’s? Wendy’s? Cracker Barrel? Maybe Bonefish Grill? While the odds are good that you have patronized one or more of these establishments in the last couple of months, unless you are under twenty-five, we doubt you named any of them as your favorite restaurant. Perhaps you named that five-star, white tablecloth restaurant that costs a

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It’s Not Your Mother’s Public Library

While the term “public library” may bring up an image of an old building full of books, staffed by a dowdy woman bent on keeping everyone quiet, today’s public library holds much more than books and can be an invaluable resource. Using your library card rather than your credit card could save you hundreds of dollars. This post contains some

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Four Mistakes Commonly Made by Writers

The old saying is that there is nothing new under the sun. Unfortunately that is especially applicable to errors and mistakes. Many writers make the same mistakes; being aware of those mistakes helps you to avoid making them.
Writing for the Wrong Audience
Writing is to be read; but different forms of writing have different purposes and different audiences. Attorneys often begin

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