When Your Office Chair Sucks, Try These 5 Improvements

We have all experienced the sucky chair. You know the one, has a leg that is uneven from the rest, so it wobbles. Maybe the seat leans or the back is unsupported? Of course, when the office chair sucks enough it just tends to fall back a little too far for comfort giving you the feeling of diving into the

Social Media Content Marketing Trends to Follow in 2018

As all things in life, the way that we market our content and product is advancing. We have gone from fliers and magazine ads, to pop ups and e-mails. Mind you, pop-up ads are more annoying than successful. The point is, there is a maturing curve coming to digital marketing, and companies will have to evolve their campaigns to stay

How to Improve Facebook Marketing with Content Marketing

There is a lot of talk about the many ways that Facebook can help your business through ads and Facebook Marketing. There are in fact many ways that Facebook is beneficial to your business, if you know what you are doing. However, our main focus right now is Facebook Marketing improving your Content Marketing results.

Content Marketing is one of the

How to Improve Content Marketing on a Small Budget

The economy isn’t what it used to be, which makes it more imperative that our marketing and advertisements are on point to bring in valuable business. You can’t afford to lose those potential customers anymore. You have to reach them on a personal level, which nowadays means online. Everyone and everything is online now. Even the way we socialize is

Why Hire a Content Writer for Black Friday & Cyber Monday? – Part 2

In our last article, we discussed a few reasons why you should hire a content writer for Black Friday & Cyber Monday. We covered cost efficiency, professional knowledge, and how you can focus on your business more comfortably while a professional creates your content and copy. As a continuance of that article we bring to you a few more reasons

Why Hire a Content Writer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner; it is important to capitalize on these spending traditions when you can. The only way to take full advantage of these holidays are through your advertisements and content. But how do you market for these holidays? How do you address the potential shoppers of your store or website? The correct

Top 10 Marketing Ideas for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Tis’ the season for spending. Being that the season for spending brings with it the season of marketing, many organizations and companies don’t have the right marketing ideas for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This is a major issue for you if you intend to benefit from this time of year for needed financial income.
Black Friday
Black Friday is the Friday

5 Content Marketing Benefits to Remember

What costs less than a Super Bowl commercial, but can outperform one? Proper Content Marketing. It has been no secret that the last few years have shown massive content marketing benefits to the companies that invest in them. With the power to control a large portion of traffic from search engines, companies and sales teams alike have been improved greatly

Top 5 Content Writing trends

As with all things, time has taken its toll on the way trends effect content writing in all industries. It isn’t just about being able to create quality content on your laptop or PC. Now it is virtually a requirement that your content be optimized for SEO, and be mobile. Meaning, accessible to tablets and cell phones.

In addition to just

Content Marketing Through a Social Media Marketing Plan

There is nothing worse than struggling to create that brilliant caption on a photo that you are about to share, only to create a ghost town in the comment section. Although we have all found ourselves in the awkward zone of social media strain, it opens our eyes. Social media marketing plan may not always be as easy or exciting