What is MLA Format?

When it comes to academic writing, there are many formatting styles. However, the two most common are APA and MLA. At some point most of today’s students will be asked to write a paper using MLA Format. MLA format is the shorthand description of the way you are to cite your sources and format the final copy of your paper.

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5 Tips For Writing Brilliant Blog Titles

Though it was common practice in the past not to read a book, but talk about it over dinner as if you had, today’s society has taken that concept and began to incorporate it into social media. Many individuals will re-post and share blogs or articles based on the title alone without reading the actual content of the article.

With that

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Content is King: 5 Reasons Why

Over recent years, the content of a website or product has become increasingly important, almost more important than the product or site itself. That is why content is king in internet marketing. Well, content is king in all marketing. However, for websites and product descriptions, content is king above all else. So we have taken it upon ourselves to compile

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The Importance of Your Blog Title

Many bloggers think long and hard about their blog titles, others just jot the first thing to come to their heads. While both are effective for the task at hand, do you realize how important your blog title actually is? Many don’t, that is why we have compiled a wonderful list to inform you of the importance of your blog

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Bloggers Guide to Writing Blogs

If you are considering starting a blog, either for business or for personal use, you may feel like you don’t exactly know where to start. For those who have had a blog for some time and feel like they have yet to achieve the numbers that they should, welcome to the right place to start. Throughout this article, you can

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Effective Tips to Improve Copywriting

As a business owner of any size, someone who sells on eBay, or an individual just trying to make a name in the industry of copywriting, fully grasping the concept of writing copy that is focused on sales is vital for paving the road to success. Copywriting is a core cog in the mechanics of any business’ marketing, big or

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10 Steps of Essay Writing

Essay writing can be a stressful situation, days and weeks of worrying and research. Then days off questioning yourself afterword’s while you wait for the results. Here are 10 steps to make essay writing, easy writing.
Thoroughly Review Essay Subject

Keywords should be highlighted.
Familiarize yourself with any unknown words.
Make sure to acknowledge any directional words such as ‘Define’, Discuss’,

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Using Bloggers to Market Your Product

You’ve done it.  You’ve created a great new widget.  All your friends and family are impressed and they are encouraging you create more and sell them.  You give it a try, and find that there is a market, so you start production.  Now it is time to market your creation.  You could purchase ads on television or in the newspaper. 

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Four Mistakes Commonly Made by Writers

The old saying is that there is nothing new under the sun. Unfortunately that is especially applicable to errors and mistakes. Many writers make the same mistakes; being aware of those mistakes helps you to avoid making them.
Writing for the Wrong Audience
Writing is to be read; but different forms of writing have different purposes and different audiences. Attorneys often begin

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5 Ways to Write Love Letters For Him

In our last post we provided 5 ways to write love letters for her, but what about that special guy in your life? Today, we focus on 5 ways to write love letters for him!

Sometimes showing the man in your life just how much you care, can be difficult. Whether he is hard to shop for, or you’d rather go