10 Tips to Increase Facebook Business Page Engagement
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10 Tips to Increase Facebook Business Page Engagement

At this stage, there is no doubt Facebook as a business tool is a major aspect of content marketing strategies. Although, due to its popularity and longevity, it can be a daunting activity. Part of this, includes coming up with new content and ideas for increasing your brand or company’s Facebook business page engagement.

Any business owner or content marketing manager strapped with time has likely been tempted to quickly type a line or two and post it. Maybe locate an adorable photo, with the concept that as long as the company page exists, and gets updated people will be flocking to it. Nope!

Although the Facebook business page of an established brand may get away with this on occasion, it is not a tactic to count on. Especially for those working to increase brand awareness and reach.

Approaching your Facebook business page engagement with a little strategy is best. You can improve your overall reach, and the chance of having valuable page engagement with your customers and/or audience.

Below are 10 tips to increase Facebook business page engagement. Providing the basic structure of a decent Facebook strategy to help increase business page engagement.

Content Ideas

The first step to maintaining a Facebook marketing strategy while increasing Facebook business page engagement, is having content that influences engagement. Below are some tips to get you started:


  1. Ask questions

Asking your audience, a question is an excellent approach to encourage dialogue. On top of that, it may be the easiest approaches to get people to respond.

There are various types of questions you could ask, change things up a bit to keep it interesting.

Types of questions could include:

  • Yes, or No – Give the audience a choice.
  • Specific question – Ask a direct question
  • Timely – Question based around current event, holiday, etc.
  • Photo – Ask opinion about a niche related photo
  • Preferences – Audience can connect, and you learn about the audience.
  • Experience – Ask for a personal experience based around the niche.
  • Tips – People enjoy sharing their knowledge in the form of tips!
  1. Share hot topics & industry news

People do not want to see questions constantly, but if your company does not update a blog daily, this can help fill gaps. Share relevant news and trending topics from the industry.

This could be a news article, blog post or even a video.




  1. Post when Fans are online & adjust post frequency

Statistical research has shown more people use Facebook at different times throughout the day, even week. Some people hop on throughout the day, where others may only check Facebook during lunch.

Because of this, if you simply post randomly it could be hidden by other content during peak times. Therefore, part of your target audience could be missing your content!

There is a simple tactic to this – Facebook Insights!

You can access your Facebook Insights data by clicking on the Insights tab, then in the left menu click Posts.

Note: Scheduling a post later in the night when your audience is less active, is not always a negative thing. This just means there will be less competition (content) populating their feed, increasing the possibility engagement by those who are on. Also, if there is engagement it can increase the chance of appearing to your audience in the morning too.



  1. Share relevant images

This is one step that has been repeated, repeatedly! After all, it offers several benefit. Photo posts, according to Angie Pascale (Clickz), “Photo posts receive an average of 53% more likes on Facebook compared to an average post, and 84% more link click.”

Also, Pascale provided the following tips regarding Facebook photos:

  • Share photos of real people
  • Highlight lifestyle, not products
  • Focus on faces
  • Encourage short responses
  • Be brief
  • Make use of nostalgia
  • Build image galleries

Encourage Facebook Business Page Engagement by Engaging!


  1. Respond to comments

This one is simple, but a step many Facebook business pages fail to remember (at least, the newer ones). When a customer, client or fan takes the time to leave a comment, take a moment to respond.

Did they ask a question? Try to answer it, someone else may have the same question and saves them (and you) time from answering it again. Did they complement your product or service? Thank them, personalize it with their name/username.

Did they give you a great rating, leave a detailed feedback testimonial, etc.? Shoot them over a one-time discount code, encourage returning and they may even share positivity about your kindness too.

Audience Targeting


  1. Boosting Posts

There are times when investing a little can go a long way. For instance, you have website content or blog post that is receiving great traffic already, you can share it to your Facebook business page, then boost it to increase engagement.

Small budgets work! You do not need to invest hundreds of bucks to successfully boost a post, in fact, you can have a decent turnaround for less than $25. The key, target those who already like your page, and their friends. Why?

Current Audience – When targeting those who already like your page, it gets the post in front of your existing audience, rather than risking it being shown to thousands of uninterested prospects.

There Friends – When you think about it, people tend to socialize with those who have similar interests. Therefore, by extending the boost to friends of those already liking your page it provides potential for new views or clients.

This approach is great for online businesses. Of course, if you are boosting a local business or location, it may make more sense to boost to those in your service area.

Provide Valuable and Unique Content


  1. Be relative, but different!

Let’s be real, this is the internet and the majority of information at hand at this point is endless. Thanks to Google and some other big named search engines, all we have to do is ask a question, and get all the answers, right?

This means you can find all kind of ways to be different, but relative.

For example, a ‘fact of the week’ post by a candy shop could post a weekly factoid, such as:

“Did you know, William James Morrison, the dude who invented Cotton Candy was, a dentist?”

Paid Options


If you have an advertising and marketing budget, there are always paid options available to help increase Facebook business page engagement and brand awareness. Some help with spreading the word, other’s help free up some of your time.


  1. Facebook Ads

In addition to boosting specific posts on your Facebook business page, another approach includes Facebook Ads. This approach can help increase brand awareness, encourage engagement, and commonly used for new product/service launches.

If you have ever scrolled down your Facebook feed, you have likely came across a ‘Sponsored’ post. Typically, they have a video or image, some content and a Call to Action button (CTA).

You can target the audience, location(s), etc. depending on your purpose. Like with boosting a Facebook post, ads can be successful on any size budget if done correctly.


  1. Giveaways, Contests

One popular way now to increase brand awareness, and the amount of likes on your page is to hold a contest/giveaway. The ‘prize’ can be anything, but it is recommended to be useful and/or relative to your niche.

Examples of prizes:

  • Gift cards
  • Your products and/or services
  • Movie tickets (x 2 per winner, people like taking a friend).

Of course, there are many ways to be unique and relative with this one too. A fancy restaurant could encourage more engagement by offering a combo, such as “Dinner for two, 2 movie tickets and $10 gift card”.


  1. Hire a Content Writer

If you manage multiple Facebook business pages, blogs, etc. you may find yourself short on time. Although business is important, time is our most valuable commodity since we have yet found that fountain of youth.

When you need help or want to free up time to spend with family, friends, or your personal sanity on occasion, there is always the option of outsourcing to a content writer. You can always contact us for a free quote, no strings attached!


Final Thoughts

When it comes to increasing your Facebook business page engagement, just remember your viewers (and potential viewer) are people too. If they were interested enough in your product or service to hit the like button, leave a comment, or a rating then they must like what you offer. Use that to your advantage, while giving them more of what they want.

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