5 Content Marketing Benefits to Remember
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5 Content Marketing Benefits to Remember

What costs less than a Super Bowl commercial, but can outperform one? Proper Content Marketing. It has been no secret that the last few years have shown massive content marketing benefits to the companies that invest in them. With the power to control a large portion of traffic from search engines, companies and sales teams alike have been improved greatly by proper content marketing. You already know that content is king when it comes to marketing, but have you considered the content marketing benefits to your sales?

Content is generalized as inbound marketing, however, there can be great benefits to reap for your outbound sales. Through this short article, we provide you with 5 ways that content marketing benefits you and your sales team.

  1. Organic Leads Derived by Content

Content drives traffic to a specific website, normally through organic searches and exposure on social media. When this happens, and a lead submits a form to download content assets or an eBook, contact should be made with them.

Consider a well-oiled machine, one that collaborates with the cogs that run it. If your sales team and your marketing team has an encouraged cooperation, these leads will develop into sales. Since an interest has already been made in the brand content, this warm lead is further along to a closed sale than a cold call. However, that is just one of the content marketing benefits.

  1. Content Makes the Organization a Thought Leader

With enough exposure to your brand, individuals become comfortable with your content and products. You go from being just some company to a problem solver in the eyes of the traffic that you receive. This brand awareness can carry your prospect into sales pretty well.

The frequency of discussion of your brand, in a positive light, will establish more credibility that your team gets when interacting with these prospects. This content marketing benefit makes it possible to draw closer to your leads and allows you to connect with their needs better. From here, you are able to create and share further content that helps individuals meet their needs while establishing your organization more as a thought leader while adding value to your future and ongoing clients.

  1. Answering Prospects’ Questions Through Content

One of the ways that content marketing benefits your sales team and organization is answering questions. Many individuals who seek a consultation or look to perform online transactions have a lot of questions. Although your sales rep or marketing team can answer these questions; the right content will approach their questions with the answers they need to make the informed decision to purchase or download. This content could be an informative graph, or a blog that is directly relative to their question. This is an outstanding way to provide answers in an outbound process.

  1. Maintaining Contact through Content

The ideal cold call will leave potential clients interested, cold calling like this can provide an abundance of potentially interested clients, regularly. However, making a follow-up after that first call without driving them away can be tricky.

That is where you find your next content marketing benefit. By developing a blog, eBook, or other content materials that set themselves as decent references for potential clients. You are able to keep them informed while maintaining the follow-up effectively. Simply sharing this content with them can answer any industrial questions they have while keeping it fresh on their mind. There are tools that help you monitor your conversations and emails in order to easily share the right resources to the right prospects.

  1. Established Brand Through Content

The last content marketing benefit we will cover refers to brand culture. Understanding what your company is about is imperative to both external and internal stakeholders. With an understandable brand culture, you are able to guarantee that everyone knows the proper behaviors and has the right expectations.

Though the culture is based on the behavior or leaders of the company, the content plays a huge role in forming it. This will lead your sales team to connect with the brand culture and it becomes a much easier task for them to interact with the prospects in the proper way that reflects the brand.

These 5 tips will show you how content marketing benefits not only your company, but the sales team. Though there are many more benefits to proper content marketing, the benefits that were covered are by far the most reflective on your sales team and connecting with the prospects.

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