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5 Must Have Features for a Writer’s Office

Seeing past the lack of social life, there are many plus sides to being a writer. One of which is the ability to customize your home office the way you want to. Though this can be considered steps to a tax write off, there are other positive effects that a customized office can provide. So, to maximize your positive vibes that get those fingers moving, here are 5 must have features for your any writing office.

1. Seating Selection

As a writer, you do one thing more than write, and that is sit (unless you have a standing desk). Ergonomic injuries aren’t exactly something to ignore. So, making sure that you have a good selection of seating that you can comfortably work in, is ideal. This will keep your work day running smooth, as well as relaxing your posture and bringing comfort to your body.

2. Stand Up Performance, Stand Up Desk

Sometimes sitting is just not enough for a good posture, and they have the perfect desk for that. Stand Up Desks are designed, and proven to help with posture while preventing ergonomic injuries for the average writer. In your home office, in any office, the Stand Up Desk is a key feature for a writer.

3. Multitasking Monitors

Eye strain is another common health issue that many writers, especially freelance writers, face on a regular basis. Though multiple monitors seem like they would only increase that strain, they are ideal for preventing it. The constant motion of the eyes from one screen to the next, effectively eliminating tunnel vision on one screen, can be positive and effective when working.

Another positive use for having a multiple monitor set up is research. As a writer there is a lot of research involved for any project. Being able to efficiently run multiple monitors holding different pages of notes will help you stay organized and focused without giving you the strain of single screen focus.

4. Don’t Be The Only Plant

While you grow roots into your chair, maybe you should add some positive green vibes to your office with a plant or two. We all leave an impact on our environment, might as well be a green one. Not just green as a plant though, also consider waste reducing printers, or other intuitive green products that can help improve your office life while making your environmental impact less damaging.

5. Don’t Be A Technophobe

Technology is always advancing to greater heights, so why not climb the ladder with it. Updating your technology and keeping the progress of your office up to a standard will help increase the quality of work you are able to produce. The proof in this is the scarcity of typewriters. Even if it is just a thermostat that senses your presence in a specific room and adjusts the temperature to your preference. Advancing your technological presence is a key to positive impact in your must have dream office.

Your office is your home away from home, might as well make it feel like a mansion. Make it a place that you look forward to existing in, and stop struggling to sit in a self-made cubical for 6 to 8 hours a day, if not longer. Your health, as well as your productivity is dependent on how you upkeep your office. So, open yourself up to those positive vibes and enjoy your dream office!

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