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5 More Reasons Why You Need a Content Writer

Originally it was said that ‘Content is King’ by Bill gates more than 20 years ago, however, only recently in years have individuals noticed exactly how quality content is king. It is only when the algorithm changes of Google, and many other search engines, emerged that many marketers, business owners, and even bloggers realized they didn’t know how to write. Wasn’t just that didn’t know how to write, they also didn’t have time to do it.

Any shmuck can just throw up a status update or a tweet, but if the content of it is poor, no one will even pay mind to it. It requires so much more than just stringing words together for beauty.  You have to do serious research to understand what people want to see. You have to fact check, and know your own business reputation to accurately post on behalf of it. It is for that reason alone, even the writing inclined, business owners and marketers have realized that they need a content writer to manage this.

If you are just to get a content writer for every little thing, you will lose money, however, there are 5 main reasons to outsource to a content writer:

Pro Writer, Pro Copy

Many content writers are experts on writing the copy that could help you greatly benefit in the market. They see that content is king, and live by that motto as they create genuine copy, usually better than what you could have constructed, and always strive to bring a positive influence to your company.


Window From the Outside

Basically, you are biased on your business, blog, website. I say this because, you either look at what you have built and either love it or hate it. A content writer doesn’t. They do the research and provide a viewpoint that looks from the outside in. This in turn creates a better result to the traffic, market, and audience.


No Time, All Effort

Let’s face it, YOU ARE A BUSINESS! You have competition, deadlines, new products/services, meetings, problem employees, etc. You don’t have time to try to edit every little nook and cranny. A content writer can really help you save that time. Their job is to write for you, they don’t get held back by internal affairs, they just do their jobs. Their content is king and you reap the rewards.


Give The People What They Want

A professional writer is aware of what it takes to get people to not only read, but enjoy your content. If you are looking to score likes on Facebook, or re-tweets and new followers, a professional writer is able to make that happen. The goal of social media content is to draw attention, to be shared. It attracts traffic from an audience you may not even know exists. A content writer knows how to catch their attention without sounding attention needy.


Google, Our Goal

Many writers have an insignia of Google sitting in a closet surrounded by candles. Okay, well maybe not that extreme… I hope. However, Google doesn’t just provide us with our sites, it finds them. By the content of a website, keywords, and many other factors, Google strives on fresh content. A professional writer knows this, and makes it his ultimate goal is to make Google see their content.

Though the ultimate goal of a business is to make money, or provide service to the public. In the market today, content is king and you have to know when you are in over your head. To reach your ultimate goal, you will have to invest in a quality content writer. However, investing in one is a job on its own. The reason being that no two content writers are the same. Their prices, process, views, and approach are always differing. So you will need to find the right one for you and your business.


We have quality content writers here at the lowest rates you will find, so if content is king in your world, make your content golden. Also, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below or email us. We always respond and are willing to help you as needed.

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