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5 Tips For Writing Brilliant Blog Titles

Though it was common practice in the past not to read a book, but talk about it over dinner as if you had, today’s society has taken that concept and began to incorporate it into social media. Many individuals will re-post and share blogs or articles based on the title alone without reading the actual content of the article.

With that being said, there are over 2.5 million blog posts being submitted daily around the web. That is more than any single individual to read in a life time, so how do you decide to which one to read? Well referring to our previous statement, people will share based on title, not content. So having a title that is engaging, interesting, curious, and sometimes controversial will aid you in drawing the needed attention you are seeking.

We have generalized the steps of writing brilliant blog titles into 5 categories, and providing them to you with hopes that you can create the right blog title that strikes the interests of your audience. First we would like to describe exactly what the blog title is. It is more than just a general summary of your blog/article, it is the sales pitch of your story. It is a door that will either be marked ‘Must Read’ or ‘Don’t Waste Your Time’. Here are basic steps to make your blog titles a ‘must read’.


Be Engaging

How do you make a title engaging? It is more simple than you would think. For example, if you were to write a blog about an umbrella, this could be the best umbrella in the world but your title should drive readers to read it. Potentially engaging titles about your super ultra-umbrella might be, ‘5 Ways This Umbrella Could Protect You’ or ‘It’s Raining Bullets, My Umbrella is Kevlar’.

Mind you, writing on an umbrella isn’t exactly blog worthy, however, with the right title that umbrella blog would still strike up enough interest to draw in people who would read it.

The secret to being engaging is simple, you take your content and you spin it into something exciting that also peaks curiosity. You summarize it to a few words and incorporate it as your blog title. Sometimes that is harder to do than it sounds, but that is the basic step to take in order to making it engaging.

There have been some who have gone to the extreme of using cursing or slang (Generation specific jargon or speech) to entice a younger generation. Though this method can be effective, it can also hurt your views, leaving a dedicated fan base to be more cautious or put off to your whole article. That is a method that should be used carefully.


High Expectations

One of the biggest mistakes a blogger makes with their blog titles is a small path with drop offs on either side of it. Meaning, there is a narrow target for them to miss these mistakes that gets wider with experience and skill. That is high/low expectations.

The content of your blog is the main goal for the readers, however, the mistake commonly made that drives readers away is blog titles that lower expectations before readers have a chance to see the content. Your content makes your title, and your title supports your content.

The same is to be said in reverse, sub-par content can be hyped up by your blog titles, but if the content doesn’t register with the same level of the title it could cause a disappointment to your readers giving you a bad reputation. Shoot for a title that raises their expectations to the content, and deliver.

Title Length is Important

KISS! Yes, this is a law to abide by when you are writing blog titles. Keep it simple stupid (KISS), please understand we are not calling you stupid. A shorter, but engaging blog title is more likely to be read than one that is extremely long.

For instance, ’10 Reasons Why I Can’t Get Anyone To View My Content Even Though I am a Great Writer About Many Things’.

If they are going to get winded reading the title, they won’t care what you have in your article. It seems like common sense, but it is easy to forget this rule when actually creating your blog titles.


Keywords are Key

Within your blog titles, to bring in readers and strike interest in people who search for a specific subject, you should have a keyword that stands out. If someone is searching for amazing umbrellas, and your blog title is ‘5 Amazing Umbrellas to Have’, well congratulations you have a reader. Now, that doesn’t mean go haywire with keywords, that can also be very off-putting and ‘salesy’.


Learn and Improve by Others

This is one of the most helpful tips given to anyone who is an avid blogger. On most occasions when you are writing a piece, research is done for fact checking and educational purposes. This will more than likely lead you to a blog similar to the one you are wanting to write.

What drew you to that particular piece? The Title. So why not take the blog titles of those who have written on similar topics and improve them. Don’t steal anyone else’s work, obviously, but take the titles that are out there as starting points, incorporate your own engagement and simplicity into it and evolve past what has already existed.

Following these tips will help you create the proper blog titles in any situation, they will also give you a sense of pride when you finally sit back and look at your work. If it engages you as the writer, just think what it will do to someone who has yet to read it. There are many mistakes that bloggers commonly make, and many different reasons why people will overlook a blog itself, and most of them are related to the blog titles themselves.


Please feel free to comment below on your opinions of these tips, and if you are having issues finding the right blog titles for your content we are more than glad to help you.

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