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5 Ways Small Business Saturday Can Benefit a Business

Small business Saturday was introduced to help bring major traffic to small businesses following Thanksgiving, which brings forth the great opportunity for these small businesses a great amount of revenue. There are many beneficial ways that this popularly growing shopping holiday, that included here are the 5 top ways that Small business Saturday can bring greater results to your business.

1. Offer Deals That Can Benefit You

There are many ways you can offer deals to the consumers and customers that frequent your location, not just discounts, but maybe freebies as well. By offering terms with a reward system, or lowering prices on a desirable product or service, you can attract all kinds of revenue to your business. Some stores over the last couple years called out to their visitors asking for a show of receipts from their shopping experience of surrounding small businesses, upon the receipts being shown they rewarded those visitors with a freebie for supporting local and small businesses.


2. Support Your Community With a ‘Passport Program’

Many towns and cities promote a program during this time of year called the Passport Program, this is when a shopper obtains a paper ‘passport’ and as they travel through local businesses, they receive a stamp in said passport every time they spend money in a business participating in this program. You are able to enter your fully stamped passport into a drawing for a gift voucher to spend at a small store of your choice. You can obtain one of these passports at the American Express Website.

3. Organize a Special Event

With particular times of the year, slow sales periods, or other specific times where you are in a bind or just want to do something fun and creative to increase traffic and revenue, host an event or theme based contest. Something that educates consumers about your services while giving them prizes or demos can help everyone have fun, and increase the business’ fund raising.

4. Advertise Your Existence

You can take advantage of many different free business listings, online ad opportunities, and marketing materials throughout the year, maybe even contacting local media when you plan something out and try to get the community to rally behind you and bring in more traffic to your location. Utilizing social media to help promote your small business is a great way to help it grow year around, using hashtags to help push your business forward helps draw attention to them; #HDWritingDeals, #ContentByHD

5. Celebrate Your Creation

Everyday you should shout out across your social media pages, on the streets, and across the city about how you have striven and survived as a small business. Be proud of your knowledge and let everyone know that you can offer them something unique that bigger businesses can’t, pride. Push for different ideas and activities year round to keep the spirit of Small Business Saturday alive all year around.

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