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5 Ways to Improve Your Office Chair

We have all experienced the sucky chair. You know the one, has a leg that is uneven from the rest, so it wobbles. Maybe the seat leans or the back is unsupported? Of course, when the office chair sucks enough it just tends to fall back a little too far for comfort giving you the feeling of diving into the Grand Canyon backwards. However, there is a solution for a lot of the issues you find yourself having with a less than quality chair. These are 5 improvements that can help office chairs suck less.

1. Bad Upholstery

Whether it is ugly cloth, ripped seat, or down right worn and lumpy, bad upholstery is proof that your office chair sucks. You find yourself sitting there with a lump digging into your butt cheek for 8 hours a day and you know pain.  

An easy solution to this problem is to reupholster it. You are able to tear that seat apart, replace the padding with what your needs are, and then make it look as welcoming as you can with some nice new upholstery.

2. Height Issues

A lot of chairs don’t adjust the height. Although there is nothing that can be said about feeling like a giant on a child’s teacup chair, one that sits too high can be downright irritating. If you feel your office chair sucks because you are straining to reach the floor, or your legs and ankles are sore from strain, invest in a foot rest.

A simple milk crate or stepping stool under your desk to prop your feet up allows comfort and improvement to a chair that doesn’t have a lower setting.

3. Color Blind Builders

Many people are under the impression that their office chair sucks do to its ugly gray color. You know the chair, the metal and wood framed chair with no back cushion. It looks like a blind man painted it. The one that doesn’t fit any theme or office design. Sure, it is comfortable enough, but even bees think that bright yellow paint job is an eyesore.

Spray painting it, or even using the ‘ol brush and paint can will bring it new life.

4. Roll Not Slide

Ever have one of those days when you need to roll down the aisle to the fax machine for a fast response? Try doing that with wheels that stop in their tracks, flinging you to the floor as if you were just bucked off a bronco. You may think that your office chair sucks because of that one wheel that isn’t the same size as the rest and you wobble.

Well, the best solution is to change the wheels. Investing in new wheels for a chair is affordable, and allows maximum glide across the room for those chair races you always wanted to try!

5. Unsupported Sitting

Lumbar support is one of the most important things involving the chair you use. If your office chair doesn’t offer proper support or ergonomics, your office chair sucks man! The first response is to spend a couple hundred dollars on a new chair, but why waste money?

A proper response is to add some new cushions and back support to give yourself that support you lack.

Although office chairs suck sometimes, we hope that these 5 tricks can help save you money and a pain in the … back, in the long run.

Why do you think your office chair sucks? Let us know, and feel free to share your tips on improving aged office chairs.

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