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5 Ways to Write Love Letters For Her

If you are wanting to give her something special, writing love letters for her is one way you can express your feelings. Love letters can be used for special occasions, such as holidays, birthday, or just random days. Sure, you could simply go buy a pre-made card, but making them more personalized is where the true expressions come out. Below are 5 ways to write love letters for her to get you started:

1. Handwritten love letters:

One way to write a love letter for her is a simple handwritten love letter. Write down just how much she means to you and the different things that you love and appreciate about her. Maybe even spray it with your cologne so that she can smell her honey while reading his sweet words.

2. Multi part love notes:

Make a multi part letter by writing down some cute, lovely messages on multiple pieces of paper and leave them laying around for her to find through out the day. Doing this can lead to smiles all around the house. You can get even more creative by leaving a clue where to find the next one, and have a larger surprise waiting at the end!

3. Create love letters for her out of quotes:

Find copies of her favorite love quotes from books, movies, songs, etc. Write them all down in one letter. Nothing will speak to her heart like her favorite references, plus it lets her know you pay attention to her interests too!

4. Surprise her at work:

Have a lovely, heartfelt letter delivered to her at work. She can read about how much she means to you and how much you love her, resulting in a happy attitude for the rest of the work day.

5. Gift within a gift:

A very sweet way to present a love letter for her is to write a handwritten letter, and leave it somewhere romantic. Some ideas include leaving it for her in a box of candies, or in a bouquet of flowers to receive as a bonus gift!

There are various ways that you can write love letters for her, these are merely a few ideas. If you have a creative idea or experience you would like to share, leave a comment below.

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