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7 Ways a Small Business Can Promote For Thanksgiving

For families, Thanksgiving is about food and memories while spending some quality time together. For a business, it is an opportunity to get promotional events and deals out to your customers and consumers while obtaining financial gain. Here are 7 simple turkey day tips to promote your business this year.

1. Promote By Video

Most businesses get to see an extraordinary turn out over the holiday season, especially over Thanksgiving and Christmas, so creating a video composed from clips of some of your better holiday events and experiences then sharing them to the public. If you include any holiday offers, or deals you have to this video it could serve the purpose of exposing your family oriented attitude and business discounts to help improve the holidays.

2. Social Media Campaign

If your business has an active account for any, if not many, of the social media networks that are out there today, then you should organize a contest or scavenger hunt and advertise it across your social media accounts. Filling the prize box with deals, coupons, and giveaways can help drive traffic to your store.

3. Return What You Gain

Organize fundraisers, charities, or toy drives. Give a portion of what you gain to those who need it more, also encourage customers to donate to a good cause and stick to it. Doing so will not only be helping someone in need, but it will show your community that you care about them.

4. Personalized Greetings and Holiday Cards

If you have customers that you can be on a first name basis with, make sure to greet them and send them something sentimental for the holidays. Adding a gift card, or coupons to a personalized letter of thanks to someone who frequents you is a wonderful way to welcome them back for your business while showing appreciation to them.

5. Focus on Festivities

Focus on creating the eye candy of the holiday; Decorations, Holiday Blog Posts, Thanksgiving Twitter Tweets, and other social media shout outs. Decorating your store or business makes it more welcoming to those who do not frequent your services, this also shows pride of American tradition.

6. Create Customized Holiday Home Pages

For the sites running promotions and on-line marketing sites, create a Micropage that is Thanksgiving or holiday themed. Instead of directing traffic to your main home page, direct them to the holiday page so they can see the deals from the beginning of entering your site.

7. Have Food Related Promotions

Being such a food oriented holiday, Thanksgiving is best promoted through by using food. Organize a cook-off to draw attention to your services, have a small banquet, maybe combine previous tips and organize a food kitchen for the homeless. Your advertisements should be appealing to the eye, pocket, and stomach.

These tips are ideal for driving business your way while giving back to the community. Get your name out there and show appreciation to those who are loyal to your store, site, and organization.

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