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9 Sites for a Freelance Writer

With quality writers in demand, a freelance writer is as valuable as water to man in the heat. However, there are several different sites and companies that will only pay a percentage of a cent, to only a couple of cents per word. Though hard work causes it to add up, your time and ability can be worth a lot more than a fraction of a cent per word. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, and we have lit it for you by pushing through the muck of the freelancing sites to find the ones worth your time, and their money.


Also, we have a couple of words of warning about some of the muck that we scooped off the bottom of our shoes as well. For now, however, let’s focus on the light. There is no reason that any writer cannot find work outside of self-publication. Whether you are the creative type, an editor, copywriter or a little of everything. We have a list of beneficial sites for freelance writers to take full advantage of.


Keep in mind, some of these sites do charge a monthly fee to access their listings, but all of our resources below are given to you for free.


Best Gigs for a Freelance Writer


BloggingPro Job Board

If you are a blogger with a specialty in different subjects from animals to being a script kitty, this is a health place for a freelance writer wanting to focus on blogs. It has an overwhelmingly comfortable amount of copywriting jobs that you can search for by subject, also there is usually a fine line of people looking for writers with experience in these many subjects.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Craigslist has been a saving grace, and a wicked curse for many of us who have been searching for a gig big or small. Everything found on it should be researched and investigated before jumping into anything. That being said, this site does help freelance writers increase their chances of finding a decent writing gig by compiling the posts from Craigslist across the nation instead of just browsing your local board. This site does its best to eliminate any obvious scams out there, still caution is advised.


Journalism Jobs

You don’t have to be a genius to realize that this site focuses mostly on writing jobs, however, there are a lot of gig opportunities for a freelance writer as far as copywriting, editing, and some other types thrown in on occasion.


LinkedIn Jobs

Networking is more than just a trend now days. Having a LinkedIn profile is becoming a must, especially if you are a freelance writer. If you already have one, use it, you have access to many connections and resources.


While connecting with these LinkedIn networkers in their natural habitat, check out their job postings and make sure you take advantage of their offer to email you alerts when there is a job posting of your specifications in your area. Most of them will be location-based, however, who is to say they haven’t considered a freelance writer would be better to fill in their professional gap, remotely.


Helpful Tip: You get notifications when someone views your profile, it doesn’t hurt to start a conversation and try to see if maybe you can help each other out somehow.



This site has a little bit of soup for everyone’s bowl. You can fill up on their freelance section to gorge yourself on their vast range of job options. Many things from book publishing, PR/marketing, TV, and social media.


Morning Coffee Newsletter

One perk of being a freelance writer is being able to site and enjoying your coffee at home, instead of rushing off to the office and spilling it on you. For the extreme lounging freelance writer, this is an ideal weekly newsletter sent to your inbox directly. It brings a compilation of freelance and editing jobs of all types from everywhere to you.

ProBlogger Job Board

This is a site of serious employers who know what real writers are worth. It comes with a high-profile in the blogosphere and you can often find jobs posted by some major-league blogs here.


The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs

Sophie Lizard is a freelance writer, that focuses on blogging. She has released a free eBook compilation that lists over 40 jobs that pay $50 and up per post. She breaks them down into sections; Food Blogs, Writing Blogs, etc. Also, she offers a lot of helpful tips including ways to approaching these different blogs and self-promotion when you have finished a post.


50 Markets That Pay Freelance Writers 10 Cents Per Word

Though this eBook isn’t free, sitting at a price tag of $4.99, the opportunities that it holds will more than pay for itself. It holds the freelance writer’s bible of magazines, ezines, websites and newspapers that welcome freelance pieces. There are several different types of writing style gigs, you are not going to have any problems finding something in your alley.


These are actually only a few of the sites out there that offer a freelance writer more than their worth on wages for their hard work and skill. However, there are also sites to avoid only for the lack of respect towards beginner writers, but the low pay scale they provide for gigs. Be worth your writing, and your writing will be worth your time. Avoid any sites or gigs that don’t respect what you are worth, and seem fishy.

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