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Advantages of Customer Testimonials You Should Know

With increasing competition, it has become important for entrepreneurs to think out of the box to promote their brand of business. If you are a content marketing manager or strategist or someone having an interest to learn how content writing can help to improve your business, then you need to know the significance of customer testimonials. The truth is customer satisfaction, combined with excellent services, is what can help any business to succeed. It is only a happy customer who will directly or indirectly promote the business. Therefore, you need to take the right steps that will help your business move in the right direction and earn credibility. We offer services that can help you with your endeavors.

What is a customer testimonial?

A prospect searching for a specific service in your niche market is likely to scour the web and comes across your site, including that of your competitors. They go through the different sections of your site, as well as that of your customers and finds it interesting. However, the question is which provider will they select? Therefore, it is necessary to convince the prospective client to choose your business over the others. They would then click on the ‘client testimonials’ section. It is here that they come across numerous testimonials put up by other people.

For example, client testimonial examples can be similar to the one given below:

“I have used the services of ABC Company for several years and appreciate their efforts and dedication.”

Customer Testimonials


Advantages of Customer Testimonials

Step into the role of your prospects. If you reviewed the bland testimonials offered by a nameless customer, would you feel convinced about the company? Hence, product testimonials need to distinguish your business from the competition. Therefore, for accomplishing this objective, you will need to focus on an approach to receive trustworthy, rather than anonymous based testimonials.

As a matter of fact, the higher number of client testimonials that you can get from other people, the more convincing you are likely to be to your prospective clients. Contacting our experts will help you learn more about the benefits that your business can derive from testimonials.

How to get client testimonials?

Select appropriate clients: Your goal is to make your product testimonials be as appealing as possible. Only then will your prospective clients appreciate it. You can start by breaking down the client list, then approach contacts belonging to different business categories and demographics. Doing so can help enhance your opportunities to capture a variety of perspectives in your business testimonials. This in turn, can help to expand the reach and impact of this particular strategy.

Harness LinkedIn: This is a popular social site that allows contacts within your professional network to offer testimonials. Any submitted testimonials are public. Such testimonial types can prove to be quite valuable. Prospective clients are likely to view such social media profiles prior to contacting service providers. Also, if you have a few clients with an account on LinkedIn, request them to post a testimonial on your profile.

Avoid polishing testimonials: Testimonial persuasiveness is said to rely upon its appearing objective. Therefore, it will be wise to preserve the clients’ words in a testimonial. The reason is because, readers are smart enough to make out the difference between an extensively re-written testimonial and an authentic one.

Our professionals can help you create client testimonials that will speak volumes about your business. This will help your business to overcome competition. We can also make use of customer satisfaction surveys conducted over the phone to create testimonials which can influence your future prospects. To learn more, contact us today.

How to ask for a testimonial?

Prior to asking for a testimonial from your previous clients, you should first ask yourself the most important questions, “Did we provide satisfactory services? Are we found reliable by our customers and have been completing the assigned tasks on time?” It is important to know that only a happy customer will provide favorable testimonials.

If you feel that you have managed to make your customers happy, then simply ask them to provide your business with a review. This might be a Google review for your site or they can simply email their review to your business email, which can later be uploaded to your site. You can also request for an image. The reason is, people are able to identify strongly with images of the person in testimonials. However, the image is not to be taken from a stock photo, it needs to be a genuine person.

Do you need assistance with your customer testimonials? Save yourself the headaches and time involved with creating quality testimonials. We can help with converting customer feedback, surveys, or phone calls into customer testimonials that speak to your prospects. Get a free quote, contact us today!

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