What is Affiliate Marketing

There are many forms of marketing and advertisement, one of the most effective ways to market your business, or help market other businesses is affiliate marketing. What is it? Affiliate marketing is an arrangement between a website and a user. The user earns a commission for advertising the website and using referral links to drive traffic to this website. Though

Boosting Affiliate Marketing Referrals Through Content

We discussed in a previous post about how affiliate marketing is a process of a user using a specialized link that is provided by the merchant to help keep track of the click/purchases of traffic in order for the referer to get a commission based on the sales made. However, we also discussed that getting the clicks required a lot

Benefits of Professional Writers and Editors

Looking for the benefits of a professional writer or editor? Did you know that many business men and women, college and high school students, even authors find themselves in need of the input and intervention that a professional freelance writer or editor can offer. Whether you are in need of a speedy delivery, accurate work, or just a different opinion

10 Ways a Professional Writer Can Help Students

Interested in ways a professional writer can help students? Imagine yourself enjoying your weekend out of school. Hanging out with friends, spending time with the family, catching a movie at the theater. All this fun you had, results in some wonderful feelings, until you realize that you have a paper due on Monday and you haven’t even begun the research.

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Common Misconceptions About Writers

The life of a writer is harder than many think it is. Not only do freelance writers have to put in a lot of hours into research, meet deadlines, edit and revise their own work, they must match the client’s needs and requests. Blog writers, and social media writers have it the same. To understand more about writers, you must

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Marketing Strategies for After the Holidays

The holidays mark a time of the year for families to gather around the table and share in meals and celebration with each other. They also mark a time of the year that there are holiday sales through the stores. Every business, company, store, and online shopping site has a sale or discounts. These discounts bring in needed financial gain

5 Holiday Traditions That Stand Out

Every family around the world has a different take on the holiday season. Some gather as a family for a baked ham and presents, some go caroling, and some just huddle together in a sweater so ugly it looks like a Christmas elf threw up all over it for a family picture. Regardless of what traditions you find normal or

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College Essays & Holiday Stress

When you are in college, essays become a way of life. You find yourself having more to write than you do time. Factor in the Holiday season and you find yourself in a real stressful situation. On top of having to make sure all your essays are pruned of all the unneeded information, maintaining word count, and writing the final

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When Your Office Chair Sucks, Try These 5 Improvements

We have all experienced the sucky chair. You know the one, has a leg that is uneven from the rest, so it wobbles. Maybe the seat leans or the back is unsupported? Of course, when the office chair sucks enough it just tends to fall back a little too far for comfort giving you the feeling of diving into the

Why Good Office Chairs Are Important

Whether you are a writer, avid PC gamer, or find yourself doing a lot of sitting at your office desk for any number of reasons, you risk doing some serious damage to your lower back and tailbone. Not only that, there is a number of other issues you can develop if you don’t have a good office chair. Chairs get

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