5 Ways to Improve Your Office Chair

5 Dec 2017
We have all experienced the sucky chair. You know the one, has a leg that is uneven from the rest, so it wobbles. Maybe the seat leans or the back is unsupported? Of course, when the office chair sucks enough it just tends to fall back a little too far for comfort giving you the feeling of diving in...
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Why Good Office Chairs Are Important

28 Nov 2017
Whether you are a writer, avid PC gamer, or find yourself doing a lot of sitting at your office desk for any number of reasons, you risk doing some serious damage to your lower back and tailbone. Not only that, there is a number of other issues you can develop if you don’t have a good office chair....
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5 Must Have Features for a Writer’s Office

21 Nov 2017
Seeing past the lack of social life, there are many plus sides to being a writer. One of which is the ability to customize your home office the way you want to. Though this can be considered steps to a tax write off, there are other positive effects that a customized office can provide. So, to maxim...
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Social Media Content Marketing Trends

16 Nov 2017
As all things in life, the way that we market our content and product is advancing. We have gone from fliers and magazine ads, to pop ups and e-mails. Mind you, pop-up ads are more annoying than successful. The point is, there is a maturing curve coming to digital marketing, and companies will have...
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How to Improve Facebook Marketing

14 Nov 2017
There is a lot of talk about the many ways that Facebook can help your business through ads and Facebook Marketing. There are in fact many ways that Facebook is beneficial to your business, if you know what you are doing. However, our main focus right now is Facebook Marketing improving your Content...
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How to Improve Content Marketing on a Small Budget

9 Nov 2017
The economy isn't what it used to be, which makes it more imperative that our marketing and advertisements are on point to bring in valuable business. You can't afford to lose those potential customers anymore. You have to reach them on a personal level, which nowadays means online. Everyone and eve...
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Why Web Design Affects Company Credibility

Why Web Design Affects Company Credibility

7 Nov 2017
In the wonderful world of internet, so many websites and web pages have begun to clutter the WWW. So, what do people look for when they pick a website? Half of the time, people just go with a web page that is visually appealing to them. The other half base their decision on whether or not the site h...
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How Content Helps Your Black Friday Sales

31 Oct 2017
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner; it is important to capitalize on these spending traditions when you can. The only way to take full advantage of these holidays is through your advertisements and content. But how do you market for these holidays? How do you address the poten...
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Why LinkedIn is a B2B Marketing HotSpot

26 Oct 2017
When it comes to B2B Marketing, LinkedIn has grown to be a social network super power. Ranked at the top of the social media platforms, LinkedIn attracts B2B marketers that are wishing to reach out to clients, create new connections, and establish a link with professionals in similar industries. Stu...
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How a Company Blog Can Increase SEO & Web Traffic

How a Company Blog Can Increase SEO & Web Traffic

24 Oct 2017
Starting up a company or organization can seem difficult at first. Starting an internet marketing campaign for a company or organization can be downright overwhelming. It is more than just establishing a website with your product line or services and a small 'About Us' tab. You have to be very well...
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