5 Benefits of Outsourcing Content Creation

Content marketing is more than just a passing phase. It has become one of the leading marketing strategies, not only for online businesses, but emails, advertisements in papers, and magazines. Searching the term ‘content marketing’ alone holds more results than many companies. There are several people who have so much to say about it, and regardless of how big or

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How Copywriting Helps You Grow Your Business

Unlike Content Marketing, the techniques of copywriting have a different purpose. With copywriting you’re trying to get potential customers, or repeat customers to take action in a certain way. Depending on what your goal is, this action could be to purchase your product, subscribe to a newsletter, and so on. With content marketing, you’re trying to build awareness, increase trust

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5 Content Marketing Benefits to Remember

What costs less than a Super Bowl commercial, but can outperform one? Proper Content Marketing. It has been no secret that the last few years have shown massive content marketing benefits to the companies that invest in them. With the power to control a large portion of traffic from search engines, companies and sales teams alike have been improved greatly

How to Increase Visitor Growth with Content Strategy

Achieving the traffic that you desire and deserve isn’t just based off the quality of your content, though your content does have a major role to play. In order to effectively raise the growth of visitors you receive, you need to have better SEO results. This ultimately comes from a solid content strategy.

Your content, and the links involved with your

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Top 5 Content Writing trends

As with all things, time has taken its toll on the way trends effect content writing in all industries. It isn’t just about being able to create quality content on your laptop or PC. Now it is virtually a requirement that your content be optimized for SEO, and be mobile. Meaning, accessible to tablets and cell phones.

In addition to just

Content Marketing Through a Social Media Marketing Plan

There is nothing worse than struggling to create that brilliant caption on a photo that you are about to share, only to create a ghost town in the comment section. Although we have all found ourselves in the awkward zone of social media strain, it opens our eyes. Social media marketing plan may not always be as easy or exciting

10 Tips to Increase Facebook Business Page Engagement

At this stage, there is no doubt Facebook as a business tool is a major aspect of content marketing strategies. Although, due to its popularity and longevity, it can be a daunting activity. Part of this, includes coming up with new content and ideas for increasing your brand or company’s Facebook business page engagement.

Any business owner or content marketing manager

What to Know About Developing Brand Identity

Do you take advantage of all the benefits content marketing can provide, including increasing brand identity? If you’re a small to mid-size business trying to develop brand identity or gain an online presence, you should be! There are still may businesses that have not taken advantage of the benefits content marketing has to offer. One of those benefits includes improving

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Advantages of Customer Testimonials You Should Know

With increasing competition, it has become important for entrepreneurs to think out of the box to promote their brand of business. If you are a content marketing manager or strategist or someone having an interest to learn how content writing can help to improve your business, then you need to know the significance of customer testimonials. The truth is customer

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What is Content Marketing Strategy?

When it comes to marketing, there are terms that sound similar. A couple of those terms include content marketing and content marketing strategy. Although they are similar, they have their differences. For content marketing managers, knowing the difference can aid in project progression or a missed deadline. Keep reading to learn the basics of content marketing strategy.
Content Marketing vs. Content