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Boost Affiliate Marketing Referrals With Content

We discussed in a previous post about how affiliate marketing is a process of a user using a specialized link that is provided by the merchant to help keep track of the click/purchases of traffic in order for the referer to get a commission based on the sales made. However, we also discussed that getting the clicks required a lot of dedication and hard work to the website that surrounds those referral links to drive traffic through your affiliate marketing campaign.

That being said, it is more than just slapping a link to a page and telling people they should buy some product. For starters, the product that you are helping promote through your affiliate marketing campaign has to be relevant to your viewers, otherwise you are trying to sell ice to a polar bear. So, what can you do that will result in boosting affiliate referrals? Well it isn’t a simple action with a basic answer, in fact, it is a complex action to a simplistic answer. More compelling content. The content surrounding your referral link is more important than the product itself, otherwise it will not be appealing to the reader and you are just sitting on a warehouse of ice cubes with bored polar bears outside playing in the snow.

We decided to take the time to develop this article to help you better understand affiliate marketing campaigns as well as give you tips in boosting affiliate referrals for those tasty commission checks. If you haven’t read our previous article of what affiliate marketing is, and you are interested in affiliate marketing, we recommend that you check that article out before reading this one. If you are already informed on what affiliate marketing is and you are just looking for ways to boost your affiliate referrals, enjoy this article and let us know below what you think.


One of the most effective ways that compelling content can help with boosting affiliate referrals is to do product reviews. A positive review on a product that leads into an affiliate marketing referral link is ideal in helping with the possibility of getting a referral purchase. How do you write a quality review? By being as thorough as possible with the product. You aren’t able to make it up as you go along, you have to make sure that the reviews are compelling and accurate for the reader to be intrigued in the product that you are selling.

Of course, it still comes down to the relevancy as well. If your viewers are on your site for a specific subject, topic, or product. Then that referral link and review better be relevant to them. Otherwise, you aren’t going to be boosting affiliate referrals.


Similar to reviews, but with a bit more in depth of personal feelings, a blog post is an awesome way to connect with a reader about your experience and feelings with a product or service. Writing a well worded blog post with content that is keen to your audience can help drive your final point for boosting affiliate referrals.

Different forms of blogs about a product can yield great results in comparison to just basic article type blogs that drone on about the product for 500 words. Writing a step-by-step or how-to blog on a product or service to help educate and promote the use of your referred product/service is great at boosting affiliate referrals.

Get Social

Getting social refers to social media posts. By constructing specific social media posts and links to your blogs, you are driving more interest and traffic to your site. This also helps with referral marketing which in turn can aid your affiliate marketing. Boosting affiliate referrals through social media posts is a very powerful way to collect those commission checks.

When it is all said and done, you are wanting to provide aid to your audience while you collect a commission for your hard work from the merchant. You can’t sell ice to a polar bear, but you can sell fresh fish to them. Don’t let your content go cold and fall generic. Your content is the main source of boosting affiliate referrals, so having compelling content that is both unique and relevant is ideal in a solid affiliate marketing campaign.

If you feel like you aren’t able to single-handedly create this compelling content, you can always look to us for help. We are experienced in the methods needed to help drive the audience and keep them captivated. Also, if you have any questions about this article or affiliate marketing and the content required to be successful with it, feel free to ask us. Thank you for reading.

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