Writing Websites: Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur looking to expand your business’ success? Are you looking to break into a business based off writing or writing websites? This would be the blog for you to read, we offer a wonderful list of writing websites that are focused on entrepreneurship and helping entrepreneurs expand.

With these 13 wonderful writing websites that are specifically designed for

Content Writer Explained

There is a lot of misconceptions, and misunderstandings about what a content writer actually is. This is because no two content writers are likely to do the exact same thing. A content writer is a man of many different faces, and because of this the exact duties of a content writer are actually differing based on the individual writers. So

Bloggers Guide to Writing Blogs

If you are considering starting a blog, either for business or for personal use, you may feel like you don’t exactly know where to start. For those who have had a blog for some time and feel like they have yet to achieve the numbers that they should, welcome to the right place to start. Throughout this article, you can

Writing Websites: Blogging

Since the dawn of the world-wide web, blogging and information sharing has become a very real thing. Those of us who have lived online through these times have not only found faster, and more convenient ways of sharing this information, but have even went as far as setting up our own blog spots to make it public access to those

Effective Tips to Improve Copywriting

As a business owner of any size, someone who sells on eBay, or an individual just trying to make a name in the industry of copywriting, fully grasping the concept of writing copy that is focused on sales is vital for paving the road to success. Copywriting is a core cog in the mechanics of any business’ marketing, big or

Important Information on Writing a Will

Writing a will is a very avoided subject and action among many in this world. Not only does it bring to life the fact that we will inevitably meet our doom and leave our loved ones behind, but it also actualizes that we have to assign our worldly possessions to those same loved ones. With that in mind, there is

10 Steps of Essay Writing

Essay writing can be a stressful situation, days and weeks of worrying and research. Then days off questioning yourself afterword’s while you wait for the results. Here are 10 steps to make essay writing, easy writing.
Thoroughly Review Essay Subject

Keywords should be highlighted.
Familiarize yourself with any unknown words.
Make sure to acknowledge any directional words such as ‘Define’, Discuss’,

9 Sites for a Freelance Writer

With quality writers in demand, a freelance writer is as valuable as water to man in the heat. However, there are several different sites and companies that will only pay a percentage of a cent, to only a couple of cents per word. Though hard work causes it to add up, your time and ability can be worth a lot

Copywriting Made Simple

A copywriter finds themselves in very comfortable working environments, seeing as how many work from their own home, and to great results as far as pay and work load. Not to say anyone can do it, you must have that writing knack to be able to endure the hours of typing and spell/fact checking. One of the biggest misconceptions of

Six Free Apps for Writers

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, a writer’s toolbox consisted of a notebook, a selection of pens and pencils, erasers, a dictionary, and, if he or she was lucky, a typewriter.  Today’s writer may still use pens, pencils and erasers but the typewriter has been replaced with a computer and the dictionary with a smartphone app.  Besides