Book Review: Roadfood 9th Edition

What is your favorite restaurant? McDonald’s? Wendy’s? Cracker Barrel? Maybe Bonefish Grill? While the odds are good that you have patronized one or more of these establishments in the last couple of months, unless you are under twenty-five, we doubt you named any of them as your favorite restaurant. Perhaps you named that five-star, white tablecloth restaurant that costs a

It’s Not Your Mother’s Public Library

While the term “public library” may bring up an image of an old building full of books, staffed by a dowdy woman bent on keeping everyone quiet, today’s public library holds much more than books and can be an invaluable resource. Using your library card rather than your credit card could save you hundreds of dollars. This post contains some

Four Mistakes Commonly Made by Writers

The old saying is that there is nothing new under the sun. Unfortunately that is especially applicable to errors and mistakes. Many writers make the same mistakes; being aware of those mistakes helps you to avoid making them.
Writing for the Wrong Audience
Writing is to be read; but different forms of writing have different purposes and different audiences. Attorneys often begin

10 Biggest Secrets About Writers

There is a lot about the writing mind that people find to be a mystery, like where their inspiration comes from, how do they always know what words to use, are they satisfied with their creations, and what schools they attend to become so creative. Well honestly, here are some secrets about writers that may shed some light on these

5 Ways to Write Love Letters For Him

In our last post we provided 5 ways to write love letters for her, but what about that special guy in your life? Today, we focus on 5 ways to write love letters for him!

Sometimes showing the man in your life just how much you care, can be difficult. Whether he is hard to shop for, or you’d rather go

5 Ways to Write Love Letters For Her

If you are wanting to give her something special, writing love letters for her is one way you can express your feelings. Love letters can be used for special occasions, such as holidays, birthday, or just random days. Sure, you could simply go buy a pre-made card, but making them more personalized is where the true expressions come out. Below