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College Essays & Holiday Stress

When you are in college, essays become a way of life. You find yourself having more to write than you do time. Factor in the Holiday season and you find yourself in a real stressful situation. On top of having to make sure all your essays are pruned of all the unneeded information, maintaining word count, and writing the final drafts of your already extensive workload, you now have to work in time to do your holiday shopping and in some cases, make travel plans.

That is a lot of stress for a college student to take on alone, and many other college students take on more than that with their needed studying, social lives, and of course jobs. How does one overcome this giant bowl of stress soup? Well, we have compiled a small list of ways to help reduce the stress of college essays & the Holiday stress.

Schedule Appropriately

Though most college students tend to follow the ‘live in the moment’ agenda, it is better to have a set schedule and planner worked up to help maintain the stress to come. Organizing your day to day activities, you will find yourself limiting the things you love yes, but you will also be eliminating a lot of stress by having a personalized time frame to study on. This is a great method for essays too. When you are in multiple classes and they all tend to slap you in the face with an essay at the same time, all due before you leave for the holidays, you can easily create a schedule that focuses on every essay individually. Following your planner will help you achieve your goals and have you prepared, time wise, for the holidays.

Study Sessions

As silly as it sounds for a personal essay, having your studying for other classes set up for a group study session can help make up for a lack of social life. This will also help you find time to research topics for your essay if you have class mates involved with the study session. Maybe someone there can help you with the editing and pruning process of an essay you have a rough draft written up on.

Casual Flow

To focus more on the college essay itself, you may find yourself stressing about how the essay reads, sounds, and feels stiff. If this is the stress you are enduring, find your casual flow. Write the essay as if you are having a conversation with a friend about it, without the jargon of course. Even talking it out with a friend can help you find the words to write. The main goal of the casual flow is to let the sentences roll in your own words, before you know it you are working on your final draft and a lot more stress free.

Get Out of the Kitchen

What we mean is, you are already in the frying pan if you have college essays due around the holiday seasons, why shove yourself into the fryer by letting yourself be surrounded by home bound stress and distraction? Family is a wonderful thing to have, they are also loud, rude, obnoxious and annoying at times. Finding the time to work on your essays at the library, a local cafe, or barricaded in your room with your dresser in front of the door, will greatly reduce the heat of stress that overwhelms many of us during this time of the year.

Call on a Super Hero

If you need some serious help, there are writers out there that specialize in editing essays for colleges students. They do so with a careful eye, educated mind, and lightning speed. For a reasonable price, no matter the deadline, college essays stand no match against a professional. You would find yourself enjoying the holiday season with friends and families, knowing that your essay is getting the makeover it needs. These writers are known as super heroes, well editors, but they should be known as heroes.

Colleges essays around the holiday season is a major stress factor. This kind of stress can lead to a lack of focus, depression, a decline in the studies of other classes, and lack of sleep. This stress is also natural and part of life. However, there are ways to reduce that stress.

If you find yourself stressing out over your essays this holiday season, feel free to contact us about how we can help you enjoy your holidays instead of dreading them.

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