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Common Misconceptions About Writers

The life of a writer is harder than many think it is. Not only do freelance writers have to put in a lot of hours into research, meet deadlines, edit and revise their own work, they must match the client’s needs and requests. Blog writers, and social media writers have it the same. To understand more about writers, you must understand what they go through and who they are, so below is a list of the most common misconceptions of writers.

  1. All Writers are Authors

Anyone who calls themselves a writer has run into this common misconception in a conversation. Claiming to be a writer, people assume that writing consists mainly of books and novels. However, blog writers and Freelance writers are more in abundance than authors, including the unpublished ones.

  1. Writing is Not a Strenuous Job

For freelance writers, they face a different kind of work out. Constantly thinking and researching, focusing on the screen with arms bent at an angle for long periods of time. Smoke barreling out their ears as their brains work overtime with every assignment. A common misconception is that writing is something anyone can do, but it isn’t. Sure, anyone can slap some words together for a social media post, but will that post be worded correctly to bring in an audience and reader interaction?

  1. Magic Fingers

Every writer that has attempted to write a book, or has written a book knows that we do not have magical fingers. We are perfectionists by trade that strive for greatness through words. By the end of the day, we are never fully happy with our work, there is always something we feel could be better.

That isn’t to mention that the most common misconception of authors is that we spit out stories like watermelon seeds on a summer day. It is a time-consuming, strenuous process to come up with the stories we choose to write about, and a lot of ideas meet the grinder. Though magic sometimes flows from our fingers, they are not magical.

  1. There is no Money in Writing

The most common misconception many have heard about writers, authors especially, is that we won’t make much money. While there are cases when a writer flops on a bad story, there is still a growing market for freelance writers, specifically blog writers. No, we don’t make thousands and thousands of dollars, but we do make enough to live and still have a social life. Which brings us to our last misconception about writers.

  1. Writers Have No Social Life

When a lot of people think of writers, they think of someone hunched over a computer all day and sleeping in a small futon next to their computer desk for short periods of time. However, some of the most prominent writers we’ve encountered have extravagant social lives. Where do you think they get their inspiration from?

Social media writers must have a social life to stay up to date on the latest trends and tags. Though most any freelance writer works on a deadline, we still find time to be social and outgoing to stay sane.

These misconceptions are very common, and every writer has heard them. Not to mention, everyone who knows nothing of writing has assumed them. It is a job like any other, we choose to do this job because we love it, and that is what is important in life. Love your job!

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