How a Company Blog Can Increase SEO & Web Traffic
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How a Company Blog Can Increase SEO & Web Traffic

Starting up a company or organization can seem difficult at first. Starting an internet marketing campaign for a company or organization can be downright overwhelming. It is more than just establishing a website with your product line or services and a small ‘About Us’ tab. You have to be very well aware of your cyber footprint and how well you are establishing yourself to your traffic.

One of the most important things that you have to be aware of with your internet marketing campaign is the traffic that you receive on average. Increased traffic is important for any website, and the only way to increase traffic is to increase SEO results. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the ranking your site gets on the results of a search. The higher the rank, the more recognition you will receive.

The best way to increase traffic, and increase SEO is to set up a company blog. Blogging on a regular basis allows search engines to flag you as a good link, stabilizing your ranking and also helps increase traffic to your website.

Here is How:

Blog Traffic

For starters, the key to increasing your traffic through blogging is by an increased SEO. This comes from keywords and fresh, consistent content. By being thorough and having a routine with your company blog content and keywords, you can keep it fresh and interesting. In addition, you are going to increase SEO and increase traffic.

Social media also helps bring traffic to your site. Having a well-placed link with an accurate prompt and interesting social media posts, will drive traffic and potential clients to investigate your company blog and website. You are grabbing the attention of people who are already interested in your services without them knowing they are.

SEO Pages & Blogs

If done properly, each added blog is an added page to your website. With each added page, and the keywords that lay inside the blogs, you are going to increase SEO results in your favor. After your company blog is established enough, other bloggers will be more likely to link back to your blogs. This will also help increase traffic and show a positive effect on your SEO results.

Important Blogging Notes

There are a couple of things that you need to be aware of when you are fashioning your company blog. Such as ensuring that you have a keyword strategy. You want to be targeting the right audience and you want the traffic you receive to convert into profit, so using the right keywords is key.

Make sure your company blog is SEO friendly. If it isn’t, you will not see increased traffic or increased SEO results. If your blog structure isn’t SEO friendly, then your company blog will not be recognizable to search engines.

Your company blog should be promoted through social media marketing. If you are not consistently promoting your blog through your social media, and other marketing campaigns, you are going to have a lack in needed traffic and your SEO will be minimal.

To wrap this up, in order to increase traffic and increase SEO results, a company blog is the ideal strategy to do so. You have to be aware of your keywords and content, as well as being consistent with your content and blog posts on both your company blog and other marketing campaigns. If you find yourself feeling in over your head, reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

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