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Content is King: Increased SEO

The content on your website, copy, social media, even in your emails are vital to how the public view or traffic your site, and purchase your product/service. Now, content is king in the world we live in and that is because there is more to content than just being eye appealing. Your content reflects your company, product, views, and humility. However, for the internet, your content is a product of so much more.

Proper content attracts business, creates buyers and readers, sells itself, and gets you noticed. If you are speeding through the information that you offer thinking that you have the best product in the world, you will overlook the fact of how you get noticed. The content alone is a factor on if someone is interested in the product. More than that, your content is king to search engines. Google, for example, has a complex algorithm that strives on fresh content.

Understanding How it Works

Your content can increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but you have to know what exactly that details. You can easily write content stating the same keywords over and over to trigger your site on the search rankings, that isn’t going to work. Nor, is it enough. You have to make sure that there isn’t any content out there similar to yours, otherwise you risked being flagged. You have to create fresh, new content that is noticed and noticeable.

Other ways your content can increase your SEO is the cycling of old content. If you are constantly updating your site with fresh content, links to quality content, and the proper usage of keywords, you will ultimately create a more quality organic traffic that will consistently grow. You are creating a brand image that is comfortable to you, the audience, and your SEO.

The Process

Link Building

The best steps of this process are simple, firstly, Link building. By just getting your name on other sites, with a link back to yours, you are building a great opportunity to build your much-needed traffic. However, just getting your name in the paper isn’t enough. Eventually, a new paper will come out, so you have to constantly be updating your link building in order to stay fresh and recognized. The way you build your link portfolio is key, the content is king even in this step. The sites that give back links must be noticed themselves, otherwise you will not gain all the traffic you possibly can.

Content Hubs

Second, we create content hubs. To put it simply, if content is king, it’s kingdom is content hubs. Just repeating your keywords over and over will have Google’s algorithm marking it as spam. You have to be creative, and aware of your content at all times. If you were to create a blog that focuses on improving, or aiding others with your products. Then you are able to create links that attach to them creating an improved ranking on your SEO and also helps create that content hub you need.

Unique Keywords

Lastly, unique keywords. This can’t be stressed enough. If you are in the umbrella business, you already know that every other business that specializes in umbrellas with being using the same keywords. You have to analyze your business, and find what makes your umbrellas more unique than theirs. What is special about your umbrella as opposed to other umbrellas. If you are offering a bullet-proof umbrella, then your unique keyword is ‘bullet-proof umbrella’. Focus on what makes your company king, and you are able to ensure that your content is king.

There are other ways that content can increase your SEO, Traffic, and Quality to your site. This is only one of a series of 5 blogs we are going to be posting for your convenience. If you have any questions on content being king, or SEO improvement, feel free to ask us below in the comments section.

We respond to everyone and would love to read your input. Also, be on the lookout for out other blog posts from the ‘Content is King’ series to learn how to help you improve your content effectively.

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