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Content is King: Increased Traffic

We recently posted a blog that discussed basic points proving that content is king. We promised that there would be a follow-up article, and here it is. Over the course of this blog we will delve into the effects of content marketing, SEO content, and ‘eye candy content’ on your site’s traffic. Increased traffic onto your sites means more views, sales, memberships, and more recognition on ranking through search engines such as Google.


SEO Content

First off, we would like to discuss SEO. In several of our previous blogs we have mention this term a fair number of times. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital part of increasing your traffic, incorporating key words into your content will in fact improve your SEO and search rankings making it more likely to increase your traffic. Making sure that your content is properly worded, well-formed, and unique will trigger many of the commonly used search engines to recognize your site as one of the best possible matches to the searches of those who are looking for your product or information.

That being said, knowing how to find the best keywords to use, where they should be placed, and how to organize the content is the tricky part. It is a dedicated process of insuring that your content is going to be properly displayed and recognized by individuals who are skimming through, or searching for the keywords that you have. Making sure you are using relevant keywords is also important. You don’t want to be selling umbrellas, but have keywords set up for quality sun hats.


Eye Candy Content

Another way you can gain increased traffic by using your content, is making it pleasing to view and read. You can easily throw in a few pictures on your landing page that have relevance to your site, but having the right images do more than just an a visual relevance. The right images will make it a pleasing adventure and will help captivate skimmers, and lead viewers to refer you to others who may be in search of your services. By making a page legible, eye appealing, and fun you are opening doors to both unique passerby, and referrals. This is a huge impact on the exact count of traffic you have for your sight, because it does indeed affect the unique views as well as the return visits.

As far as the text content, you want to make sure you are writing your content in appealing ways that keep the reader interested. A drab paragraph that gives bland information is not very fun to read. In fact, it might put someone to sleep, so unless that is your goal (it shouldn’t be), make sure that what is written on your page offers a reason for the reader to stick around. Make it fun, quirky, conversational or even humorous if appropriate. When there is interest, there are views.

These two are just fractions of a greater formula of increasing your traffic from content however. There are great lengths you can go to vastly, and effectively, increase the traffic count a views on your site. These ways help bring in unique buyers, readers, members, or whatever you are seeking to accomplish with your websites. With that being said, they are a bit more complicated than the previous ways. Mainly because SEO goes so much deeper than explained here.


Content Marketing

A big one here, this triggers your SEO, content, and media outsourcing capabilities and results. Content marketing has a huge list of pros for what it can do for you and your site, two of the top pros are increasing the search ranking of your website and increasing the traffic flow to your site as well. It is a great means of increasing your brand and improving awareness to your site over the web, but there are a lot of ways and steps involved in successfully marketing content:


Content Marketing Factors

According to one of the most used search engines, there are three main factors to consider about content marketing. Content, links, and ‘rankbrain’. We went over the content aspects of these factors previously with ‘Eye Candy Content’. Links refers to the amount and quality of the links that lead back to your site as set in other places. Using third-party sites to link back to your site is an amazing way to market your content. The last of these factors is ‘rankbrain’ which refers to the constantly improving process of ranking via search engines such as Google.


Quality and Volume

Referring more towards the factor of links, though the volume of the links has a major impact, it is also the quality of these links that affect the ranking and traffic flow of your website. With that being said, lets focus on volume for a moment to provide an in-depth view of its process. Using a greater number of unique domains to provide a link back to your site greatly increases your search ranking, not to mention the amount of traffic you receive due to third-party traffic that visit your site from the link.

However, the number is shadowed in comparison to the value of the domains that link to your site as well. If you just built your website and you are trying to increase your traffic using third-party domains that have a love visitor count, then you are likely to find yourself lacking in the results of traffic. If you were to have links back to your site via highly recognized domains, it increases so much more. Highly recognized domains are those that are constantly providing unique content and being frequented by traffic. This allows the search engines to recognize your site more appropriately.


Link Back Types

There are two different types of link backs that you must be aware of. They have come to be called dofollow links and nofollow links. Though the names pretty much give you a great summary of what they are, they aren’t exactly opposing links. Dofollow links do allow a positive result on search engine rankings, giving your site more credit than a nofollow link. Though nofollow links don’t credit your sight through search engines, they can lead to a dofollow link on third-party domains with high recognition.

That being said, there is such a thing as the wrong type of dofollow links. The algorithm used by search engines can sometimes count it against your if your focus is solely on dofollow links, so it is ideal to diversify you link table appropriately with nofollow links, dofollow links, and links from both high and low recognized domains. A smooth ratio of this will better your rankings and the search results for your site will truly shine.


Content on Third-Party

Following the common law of ‘content is king’, the content on your site alone is not enough to draw in a respectful amount of traffic. Though it is possible for your organic traffic (Traffic growth by your own work and specific searches) to grow over time with content on your site alone, it is ideal to create content on third-party websites as well.

Getting your work or content published in other sites can create opportunities to set back links to your site. So all your content should be of quality, even if it is only on social media. There is always someone who can be influenced by your work, even if they are not looking for your work. Having your work or business reviewed, or commented about on highly recognized sites usually involves a back link to your site as well. This rush referral traffic is a vital source to you for views and possibly sales if you are offering a service or product.


Content Leading to Organic

Unlike referral traffic (which was mostly covered) that leads to instant results, organic traffic is something that has greater pay offs in the end but is much slower to grow. Your organic traffic is affected by proper on going off and on site content marketing. They show a continuous, but slow-growing, traffic and interaction with your site. Being interactive with your audience helps with organic traffic greatly. It is a campaigning strategy that many overlook. Involve your viewers with your site, and it will create a following that is hard to miss.

Organic traffic is more stable than referral traffic as well. Organic traffic tends to be more reliable and sturdy than those who visit your site from referral, you create this effect by making sure your content is captivating and interesting at all times. Constantly updating and adding onto your blogs, products, services, information, and other aspects of your content is always an ideal approach to growth of organic traffic. As stated before, off site content is a good growth factor for organic as well. Staying active with other domains is always advisable for these results to increase.

Though there are several more factors involving your content driving your traffic, these are some of the main points and processes to focus on. These all tie together to create one giant marketing effect that prove content is king, and no two campaigns for increasing traffic will hold the same results. It is important to remember that your goal is to improve the quantity of traffic by the quality of your content.

We would love to hear your experiences with your content campaigns and strategies in the comments below. Also, if you feel you need some aid in improving the content of your site, we are dedicated and experienced in content both unique and rewriting work that you aren’t confident in. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our services.

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