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Why Content Spinners Are Unethical

An article spinner, or content spinner, is pretty much a black hat SEO that has created a flood of unreadable spam on today’s markets. Many companies use these spinners to refresh old articles in order to either increase SEO on an old article that they want to get views on, but mostly it leads to a lot of backlinks and content that no human writer would phrase or use. This is a bad thing for many business and blogs because of the fact that many major search engines have enhanced themselves to detect article spinning to prevent the flood it creates.


Just Don’t Do It!

Content spinners not only ineligible to recreate old articles, but they are also done for the purpose of straight advertisement for automated spinning services. It has been proven that these content spinners do more harm than good-by simply getting certain things flagged as copied or used material on the web. It can be an expensive service with negative results, affecting more than the content spun.


Original Content is King

Furthermore, search engines love to see new and regularly posted content. This helps the ranking of a website, and the sites that use a content spinner are often found to leave low value content that actually contradict the previously stated action of regular and new content.


Manually Rewriting Content

A safer alternative to using a content spinner is to rewrite old articles for new viewers. Many websites use articles now days to promote, inform, or reveal their various services or products. Rewriting the content is more effective than content spinners due to the fact that you can ensure that the article is legible and unique. An automated content spinner, as previously stated, often leaves the content unreadable.

Not only is article spinning viewed as unethical by most in the writing community, being a content spinner or even associating with one of the programs can greatly demolish your reputation. It takes away from the creativity of the article itself, and then offers no value to the reader. All a content spinner does is rewrite the same lines in the same state with different words. Content spinners offer no effort, no new information, and provide nothing for the reader.

Lastly, and almost most importantly, the writing market may be booming, but it is easily broken. Content spinners take the market, and flush it down the toilet. Not only will a content spinner make an article unreadable, but if you were to post some new and fresh content on your site, a content spinner could make various versions of it taking out the purpose of your words creating no differing perspectives. This is horrible, because, many search engines will flag articles as duplicated on the rankings. A content spinner can get your unique article flagged, this creates a saturation on the market and the writer’s reputation.


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