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Content Writer Explained

There is a lot of misconceptions, and misunderstandings about what a content writer actually is. This is because no two content writers are likely to do the exact same thing. A content writer is a man of many different faces, and because of this the exact duties of a content writer are actually differing based on the individual writers. So for those of you who are wanting a true definition of a content writer, you are reading the right blog.


Content Writer Defined

There is no easy way of life when it comes to being a content writer, they are journalists, comedians, experts, SEO masters, and salesman of words. Some are contracted independently, others are employees. They act as filters, or even as enhancers with words to help voice the opinions of themselves or others. They are essential to more than just sales pitches and businesses, but to the success of websites and online magazines.

Though the job descriptions are so very different on different pages, all content writers share aspects from that same book. Most of what makes them so different, are the kindred processes of which have become almost ritualistic for them to perform their duties:



The foundation of perfect content is the research that enforces it. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is, a great content writer will do the research needed to make sure that everything they write is accurate and doesn’t contradict the company’s message or mission. They focus on combing their resources to ensure that they can educate themselves thoroughly on the content at hand in order to create a masterpiece. 9 out of 10 times, a content writer doesn’t know anything about the subject they are assigned to write about.



Any content writer will have a horror story pertaining to a copy they received that, for lack of a better explanation, has left them without words. They do whatever it takes to muster through these situations, however, because that is the nature of the job. Sometimes you receive a workload that is so jumbled that it requires two translators, a couple of dictionaries, and maybe even an exorcist just to manage through the tidying up of it in order to fix it. You may think that is an exaggeration.



A content writer does more than just creating a wall of words for newsletters and blogs, they also make it look nice as well. They have to adjust and create the proper heading and footing for each piece, as well as taking what may seem an impossible dream and giving it an artistic life. This can include creating images to put in the proper places, or making sure that a landing page is organized efficiently enough to be appealing to the eyes of the viewers.


SEO Mastery

Of course, just researching, designing, and writing 700 words about how wonderful your umbrella is, isn’t enough. The ideal wording of this content will creating the effect of SEO, search engine optimization, using keywords that increases the search ranking to help bring in proper traffic to visit this article. A great content writer will maintain a density with these keywords in order to bring your website to page one, instead of being on page 123 under some weird article unrelated to your umbrella. They make sure that you are going to get noticed, against the odds and mass content that inhabit the internet over any given subject.



Every content writer knows to cover all legal basis to ensure that there are no issues for the business they do work for or themselves. They are, however, and ally to keep close when it comes to bringing your content or company to the web. They do the hardest of the work for you using the previously mentioned aspects to create the divinity that is your website. They focus on making sure you are happy, because that reflects onto them.

With all of these aspects combined, even though no two content writers are the same, you find similarities among different writers. However, referring to a content writer as just another worker or contractor is a mistake. They should be seen as more than just a word generator, they should be seen as the fuel that makes the fire go for many different companies and businesses. Their success is dependent on your success.


We hope that you have found this article to be to your liking. If you were looking for a content writer, or just wanting to know more, feel free to contact us with your questions. Also, leave a comment with your views or stories about content writing, if you have any of the fore mentioned horror stories we would like to hear them.

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