Website Content Writing Rates in India
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Content Writing Rates in India

The content writing rates in India can vary. While the type of content may affect the rates you are charged, you are looking at an average of 250-500 rupees for a single 500-word article.

Blog Content Writing Cost in India

Blog content writing rates range between 20-70 paisa per word for 500-700 words. Ebooks will range between 70-100 paisa per word.

Web Content Writing Cost in India

You will end up paying a large amount for web content writing services. Content tailored to your website will cost you between 1.5 to 2.5 rupees per word. While it doesn’t seem like much, when you order 5000 words or more, it adds up.

Content Writing Cost Per Word in India

On average, you are looking at a rate of $0.10 per word, this equals out to be ₹1 rupee (per word) in Indian currency. The posts usually range between 500-1000 words. Bulk orders are normally charged between 250 to 350 rupees ($10.00 to $15.00) per 300 words.

However, it is normal for freelancing websites to charge much more than these rates.

List of average content writing costs in India:

Article Writing Rates INR
Article (up to 300 words) ₹300
Article (up to 500 words) ₹350
Article (up to 1000 words) ₹800
Article (up to 2000 words) ₹1500
Blog Content Writing Rates
Blog Content (up to 300 words) ₹350
Blog Content (up to 500 words) ₹550
Blog Content (up to 1000 words) ₹1050
Blog Content (up to 2000 words) ₹1250
Web Page Content Rates  
Web Pages (up to 300 words) ₹400
Web Pages (up to 500 words) ₹600
Web Pages (up to 1000 words) ₹1100
Web Pages (up to 2000 words) ₹2000
Content Rewriting Rates  
Rewriting (up to 300 words) ₹300
Rewriting (up to 500 words) ₹500
Rewriting (up to 1000 words) ₹1000
Rewriting (up to 2000 words) ₹2000
Landing Page Content Rates  
Landing Page (up to 300 to 500 words) ₹700
SEO Writing Rates  
SEO Writing (up to 500 words) ₹1000
SEO Writing (up to 1000 words) ₹2000
Product Description Writing Rates  
Product Descriptions (150 to 200 words) ₹200
Product Descriptions (200 to 500 words) ₹400
Press Release Writing Rates  
Press Release (up to 300 words) ₹350
Press Release (up to 500 words) ₹500
Newsletter Writing  
Newsletters (250 to 300 words) ₹500
Product Reviews  
Product Reviews (up to 500 words) ₹500
Product Reviews (up to 1000 words) ₹1000
Product Reviews (up to 1500 words) ₹1500
Product Reviews (up to 2000 words) ₹2000
Ebook Writing Rates  
Varies depending on topic and number of pages.
Business Writing Rates  
Varies depending on how technical and word count.
Technical Content Writing  
Varies depending on how technical and word count.

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