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Copywriting Made Simple

A copywriter finds themselves in very comfortable working environments, seeing as how many work from their own home, and to great results as far as pay and work load. Not to say anyone can do it, you must have that writing knack to be able to endure the hours of typing and spell/fact checking. One of the biggest misconceptions of copywriting is that it is often confused with copyrighting, same name different career choice. Copyrighters protect inventions from theft, a copywriter works more on websites, catalogs, brochures, ‘junk mail’, and a lot more.


Three of the main reasons people choose to be copywriter is because they heard:


  • Minimal Education, no formal degree needed.
  • Quick start-up with minimal financial cost.
  • The monetary gain can be at the high-end of the scale.


These are all very realistic reasons, as a matter of fact, a professional copywriter can always find a high demand for their services on some high paying projects. Some copywriters can dedicate themselves to making 6 figures at a full-time pace, where as a part-time copywriter can enjoy a full-time income and still have that nap after their soaps in the afternoon. Also to add to the great sides of this argument is that the industry for copywriters is still quite large and expanding. Competition does exist, but you hardly ever go without work.


Explaining Copywriting

As stated before, a copywriter and a copyrighter are two very different things. A copyright is something that protects many products, arts, books, and inventions from theft or unauthorized usage usually by the symbol ©.


A copywriter is responsible for participating in an industry worth $2.3 trillion across the world, writing the texts (texts= copy) that we see in advertisements, emails, brochures, and more. Their main goal by writing these copies are to be a salesman in print. Prompting an opt-in, sign-up, or purchase of a service or product.


A Copywriter Needs Qualifications!

Let’s be blunt, are you a college graduate? Did you graduate High School? Are you a stay-at-home parent? Doesn’t matter, there are no qualifications. Some of the 6 figure corporate jobs are left in the hands of super moms in between loads of laundry, or college grads trying to pay off student loans. All you honestly need is an internet connection, computer and willingness to learn. It is as simple as writing a letter to your grandmother.


A Copywriter Makes How Much?

Let’s face it, you are paid for the work you do. Dedication and experience brings in more money than hours. Some writers work in the evening just to earn 25k a year for vacations, others shoot a little higher for their children’s college fund. Whereas there are some dedicated copywriters who do make six figures a year working full-time.


Some of the more luxurious pays come from bigger name companies who can allow copywriters to make upwards towards $300,000 a year for their contracts. When it comes down to what you are making doing this depends on only a handful of factors. The work done, experience, dedication, and time put into the job. You can live a life of more than comfortable means by doing only a few months of work a year, but with that being said you also have to have the motivation and drive to earn these figures. Experience comes with the times, but starting at the bottom is something that every copywriter has had to do.




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