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Why Good Office Chairs Are Important

Whether you are a writer, avid PC gamer, or find yourself doing a lot of sitting at your office desk for any number of reasons, you risk doing some serious damage to your lower back and tailbone. Not only that, there is a number of other issues you can develop if you don’t have a good office chair. Chairs get old, flat cushioned, and stiff leaving you with an unpleasant sitting position and even a sore body to tell the tale.

Though it may seem far-fetched that an office chair can have such an impact on your day-to-day office life, it is true that even your productivity will be affected by an uncomfortable chair. Just the tiniest dip in the seat, or lump in the cushion can cause an uneven and difficult to concentrate experience. It is ideal to focus on all aspects of the chair you choose to sit in, from the wheels to the back support.

Improve Health with a Good Office Chair

Ergonomics show that a good office chair is important due to the many different issues one would naturally suffer through a poor office chair. Solid lumbar and pelvic support is ideal to help reduce a number of issues such as cramps, headaches, back pains, and nerve irritation. A firm seat, though soft enough for comfort, is an ideal cushion to sit on for this support.

A good office chair with well positioned arm rests will offer a resting position that reduces risk of strain or fatigue in the arms and hands, as well as allowing you to relax while you think of your next paragraph or in between paying bills. It is always ideal to have a stress ball for the second one.

Increased Back Support

When a person has a good office chair, it provides better back support, reducing backache. Fitted cushions that cater to the curvature of the spine, while offering that same firmness as the seat is needed for maximum comfort. This back piece is also important on offering support for the spine by encouraging a proper posture and reducing the slouching position when sitting.

Slouching alone can account for the majority of back issues when you spend long hours at a computer desk. No matter the reason. Having that proper lumbar support also helps improve your mood throughout the day.

There are even good office chairs that don’t have that back cushion, but offer the same support needed for concentration and productivity. They work by keeping the spine properly aligned, improving your endurance, concentration, and quality of thought.

Downside to Modern Living

In the last 20 years, technology has advanced and increased convenience in the workplace. However, longer periods of sitting is the downside to convenience. Just 20 years ago, sitting at a desk was not a common practice for work or play. However, it has become a welcomed way of life for many people. So why not do your mind and body a favor and invest in a good office chair that promotes good health?

Our bodies aren’t made for sitting all day, so an average routine of exercise is always a suggestion, but you should consider taking care of yourself even through the work hours of the day.

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