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Why Hire a Content Writer for Black Friday & Cyber Monday? – Part 2

In our last article, we discussed a few reasons why you should hire a content writer for Black Friday & Cyber Monday. We covered cost efficiency, professional knowledge, and how you can focus on your business more comfortably while a professional creates your content and copy. As a continuance of that article we bring to you a few more reasons why you should hire a content writer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

No Contract Obligations

One of the better perks of hiring a content writer to help with your copy/content during this time of the year, or any time of the year, is that there are no contract obligations to be met on a regular paying basis. You are able to hire as needed to fulfill any needed content, whenever you need it. Black Friday and Cyber Monday being no exception. Even if you have a marketing team that handles content, maybe you need a little extra help and don’t want to take on an extra set of hands through the means of a contract and salary. A content writer is a luxury in these times.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness helps drive a company’s profit and traffic more than most advertisements will. Hiring a content writer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday will do more than just get the news out about any special deals or offers for the season. This will help you raise brand awareness for your organization. A content writer knows the words to use to capture an audience, and they will be able to meet your needs when working on the content. Properly placed content will increase your traffic greatly, properly written content will do so more.

Most content writers are experienced and educated in brand awareness, as well as SEO. This makes them the ideal choice when you are considering your content and copy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Without brand awareness, you are finding yourself the last resort for customer needs when you should be their first and only choice.

Tight Deadlines

One of the biggest perks of hiring a content writer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the tight deadline that you find yourself having for getting the content and copy out to the public. Marketing and sales teams have many responsibilities that they have to focus on at once, often leading to forgetting to do certain content or rushing and producing poor content on the fly.

However, when you hire a content writer to handle your copy, you will find that you are their priority. They do not suffer the obligations that many sales and marketing teams have, leaving them free to beat your deadlines with high-quality results. Whether on the fly, or with time to spare, hiring a content writer has proven to hold no pressure from deadlines leaving the sales and marketing teams to focus on their other responsibilities without forgetting the most important piece of the machine.

Return on Investment

Since 2013, the average shopper has spent just under a thousand dollars during Black Friday alone. In 2016, Cyber Monday Shoppers spent a combined total of $3.45 Billion in sales. These two days have reaped the highest sale points of the year, breaking records and getting higher yearly. So, why rely on low quality content and copy to bring in part of this profit to your company or brand?

Hiring a content writer allows you to get high-quality results on your copy, increasing the potential traffic that you receive during these high sale holidays. There is a lot of money to be made this time of year, settling for sub-par when you can obtain supreme is a waste of money. The money that is spent on your website on Cyber Monday, or in your store on Black Friday is a reflection of how your business is all year around.

Brand awareness, tight deadlines, and bringing in profit are all important aspects of an organization. Failing to match your content or copy to these three aspects’ needs is careless. Hiring a content writer is affordable, and rewarding. These are three important reasons why you should invest in quality content. However, they shouldn’t just be considered for Black Friday & Cyber Monday, they are aspects that should be addressed all year. It is always imperative to have high-quality content and copy, and outsourcing is the way to get it.

Maybe you are still on the fence about whether or not you should invest in a content writer, or you have some questions about it. Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to answer your questions and explain how we can help you with your content and copy.

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