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Why Hire a Content Writer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner; it is important to capitalize on these spending traditions when you can. The only way to take full advantage of these holidays are through your advertisements and content. But how do you market for these holidays? How do you address the potential shoppers of your store or website? The correct content will drive them in, the wrong content will give the traffic to your competitors.

Throughout this article, we will touch on a few key reasons as to why it is better to hire a content writer for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday content. Starting with the most obvious reason, professional know-how.

Professional Knowledge with Black Friday

It is simple just to throw out an ad for a product that is getting a major discount in your store on Black Friday, or on your website on Cyber Monday. However, is it catchy? Does it attract the right customers? Is the content going to hold up to the hype? When you hire a content writer, you are hiring more than just their words, you are hiring their experience.

A professional content writer has the experience and know-how needed to accurately write the content and copy needed to get the word out for your special sales during this time of the year. They will make it look good, and help drive traffic to your website in the right way. Good content and copy does more than just raise the awareness of one particular sale, but of the brand that is associated with that sale. Hiring a content writer is a great way to achieve this awareness.

Business Priorities

More so than just the experience and the know-how, you also have to consider that you have more than just the obligations of your content and sales to worry about during this time of year. You have to conduct business as usual. This includes maintaining orders and stock, as well as ensuring your team and your company is in tip-top shape. All this, while managing other tasks required to keep the wheels turning on the well-oiled machine that is your organization. Hiring a content writer enables you to focus on the business aspects of things while you know you have all your content and copy needs in trusted hands for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Hiring a content writer simplifies things for you. Yes, you have many responsibilities. So, why stress out over all of them at once when you can have a professional help you out. This leads us to the last point we will cover in this article. Cost efficiency.

Cost Efficiency

Hiring a team to focus on content and copy through your company can become expensive with benefits and salary. Especially if you have to train this team. You can find yourself spending more than you are making by investing into an in-house team to handle this important part of your business. However, content writers are generally cheaper in comparison. You get great quality content/copy, for a lower cost when you outsource to an experienced content writer.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is about offering great deals and making great profits. There would be little reason to invest a lot of money in an in-house team for a turn-out that doesn’t exceed your investment. That is why it is better to outsource for this time of year. You get a great profit margin at the expense of a smaller investment. This allows you to focus on your business, and raise brand awareness.

Motivating Black Friday and Cyber Monday Traffic

Whether it is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or a regular day of the year, having quality content to fuel your traffic is always needed. Investing in a content writer is a cost efficient way to raise your brand awareness and get high-quality content delivered. Although, there are many reasons why it is ideal to hire a content writer for your copy and content.

Keep an eye out for our next article ‘Why Hire a Content Writer for Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Part 2’. Where we will be discussing more about the benefits of brand awareness, and average holiday profit returns. Additionally, we will cover the ease of scheduling content with a tighter deadline when using a content writer.

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