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The Importance of Your Blog Title

Many bloggers think long and hard about their blog titles, others just jot the first thing to come to their heads. While both are effective for the task at hand, do you realize how important your blog title actually is? Many don’t, that is why we have compiled a wonderful list to inform you of the importance of your blog titles, and the effects it could and will have on your blog.

To start off, however, let’s break down the dynamics of your blog title. What is it? It is a name, simply put, and for some dedicated bloggers the name doesn’t matter due to the fact that they have loyal readers that will indulge in the post regardless of name. However, the blog title holds more weight than just that, it is supposed to target more than just an audience of people who you already have. It is a great way to attract new readers.


To Read or Not to Read

To those who put in time to actually come up with a blog title, good for you, we say this because it only takes a handful of seconds for someone to decide if they will read the post or not. Mostly, this decision is based on the blog title itself. It could be funny, clever, puny, it doesn’t matter. If the blog title isn’t well thought out, no one will want to read it. It isn’t just about what the blog title is, it is also about the consistency of capitalization properly in the title. No one will read your blog, if the blog title is flat and seems as if it is refusing to read itself.


What’s it all About

Using this blog as an example, when you read the blog title you knew what it was about. That is the main goal of a blog title, summarizing the blog itself in a few words that helps educate and captivate the reader into wanting to check it out. When you are considering the right blog title for a recent piece that you are looking to publish to your website, company website or even a group blog site, you need to be confident that the blog content is made clear, but left a mystery to readers. Make sure the readers know what they are getting into.


How Will They Find It

One of the most important aspects of a blog title is the words used to make it, obviously, but what we mean is that the blog title itself should hold the keywords that search engines will target. Search engines are used for day-to-day research, browsing, curiosity, and entertainment now days. When you are crafting your blog title, you should savvy up on your keyword usage and find out what words are commonly used so you can target those words, and infuse them to your title.


InterNET Fishing

Imagine your readers are fish, you need a hook or a net to catch them. Your blog title is that net, hence the pun in the subtitle, and you are to use this title to capture the reader and draw them in. You can appear on the search results with a title like ‘Umbrella Use’, however, that sounds boring. Though the keyword is there, it doesn’t exactly scream ‘READ ME!’. With the right wording, while maintaining the imaginary keyword of umbrella use, ‘Creative Ways for Umbrella Use’. That is a blog title someone wants to see. They know that the post will be about umbrella uses, which is what they are looking for, yet it strikes out the curiosity of the reader enthralling them in the article itself for these creative uses.


Saving that for Later

The term ‘Saving that for later’ is targeting mainly the over use of the bookmark button by the average internet surfer. 75% of bookmarked articles never get read, mainly because it wasn’t more interesting than the blog title itself. However, the blog title did accomplish one half of the targeted subject of this subtitle, curiosity. You have to play on the reader’s curiosity to get them to read your work. With that being said, we go to the second half, excitement. Obviously the reader wasn’t excited if your post went to bookmark land to rest eternally. ’10 Ways to Use an Umbrella’, pokes at the curiosity but doesn’t inspire the excitement to read the blog itself. With a blog title like, ‘That’s Not How You Use an Umbrella’, can get a reader excited for an adventuristic story type of blog about the mishaps of umbrella use. It inspires curiosity and excitement for the average umbrella enthusiast.


Glorious Eye Catcher

Let’s be honest, if someone is searching for umbrella stores, wanting the latest model of high-tech camo umbrella with the cup holders, they aren’t expecting to read a blog. Your blog title might flag under their search, but if it isn’t an eye catcher, it will be all that they see. Inspire the reader to think, provoke them to read your work with only the blog title. On this note, controversy is a great way to gain readers. However, be cautious with arguing public opinion for it may draw you unwanted attention. Our suggestion is to keep your blog title neutral while you find more effective ways to catch their interests.


Besides the over use of the umbrella examples, these tips for blog titles will help bring in proper traffic to your blog and site. Not everyone has the capability, or know how, to develop proper SEO on their sites. Because of this, they seek to reach out for help in optimizing their keyword usage. If you want some advice on your blog titles, or SEO usage, feel free to reach out to us.

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