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How to Improve Facebook Marketing

There is a lot of talk about the many ways that Facebook can help your business through ads and Facebook Marketing. There are in fact many ways that Facebook is beneficial to your business, if you know what you are doing. However, our main focus right now is Facebook Marketing improving your Content Marketing results.

Content Marketing is one of the most cost-efficient, if not relatively free, ways to build brand awareness online. Content marketing helps promote the presence of your business and determines the reputation that your company or organization grows. What does Facebook Marketing have to do with Content marketing? This post was crafted to inform you on the actions that you should take to improve the results of your content marketing by growing your Facebook marketing plan.

Gain a Large Following

This one seems like a no brainer, but having a large audience on Facebook is key to any Facebook marketing campaign. So, putting forth the effort to growing a strong following that is genuinely interested in your content and interacts will pay off. If no one sees your great content, what will you gain?

It is important to use this genuine following to pass along quality content and draw them into interacting with you and your business. You want your following to be interactive, and interested. You want to avoid the fake numbers that follow and like you, but scroll past everything you have to offer. Using polls, asking questions, and keeping the readers involved is a great way to boost your following and build brand awareness. This is only the first step for Facebook Marketing though.

Blogging on Facebook

Something that is key to any marketing campaign, be it content marketing or other marketing. Blogging allows the following to gain free insight into your company and what it stands for, all while increasing your brand awareness and reputation. While you share your blogs through your Facebook, you are also increasing your credibility. If the content of the blogs is a high quality, than you can expect that your following will grow thanks to the ‘tell a friend’ system that inspires readers to share your content.

Building your traffic for your site, while increasing the SEO ranks, blogging is only dependable when people can locate your blogs. This is a key factor in your content marking campaign, and that is where Facebook marketing plays its part. Uploading your blogs to Facebook, while offering an interesting description to intrigue readers, will promote your blog and business. All content that you share can be linked through your Facebook page for your loyal followers.

All it takes is a few simple clicks for a built-in audience that is already targeted for your content and services.

Consistency is also important with this step. Taking advantage of the vastness of Facebook, you know that posting the same article twice is likely not going to be noticed by most individuals. So, recycle old posts, not back to back, but every once in a while, so you can ensure that everyone has a chance to view your content. This will make up for a lack of organic reach that exists in today’s content marketing.

Post Alternative Content

More so than just blogging, and the occasional quality status update, you will find that sharing relevant images and video content can have a positive effect on your Facebook marketing as well as your content marketing. These videos and photos can be shared from other platforms that you can build a following on such as YouTube and Instagram.

Not everyone likes to read blogs and long-winded content, so alternatives to keep your content marketing alive is the opportunity to inform people of your presence through a video. As it is true in life, it is true on Facebook, a picture will always be worth a thousand words. Your images need to be quality and engaging, while encouraging traffic to your website and other social media sites that you share content on regularly.

If your goal is to bring in more traffic, and raise your SEO ranking, then YouTube can be more than just the home to cute cat videos. It can be your greatest tool. Making it possible to centralize your content marketing around an informative and fun video blog, will capture the audience that doesn’t feel like reading long-winded posts. Linking these videos in your Facebook marketing schedule and inside your blogs is a great way to increase your content marketing.

Content Testing

Normally testing is used to gauge the quality and relevancy of ads. However, Facebook offers the ideal environment to test your content. There are a couple of ways that you can utilize Facebook marketing to test your content.

  1. Evaluate

    By gauging the reactions of each post, and paying attention to the quality of likes that each post gets, you can determine what is good content and what isn’t. Blog posts that are well-timed, and that engage the user with relevant and useful information will likely get more clicks and interaction than lower quality posts. You can evaluate the interaction to your posts by the impact it has on your content marketing on the website and other posting places such as YouTube. You can use the information you acquire this way to determine what is best to post and what is best to avoid on your Facebook marketing.


    Similar to the previous method, by monitoring the amount and positivity of the comments that you receive on your Facebook marketing posts, YouTube videos, and images, you are able to determine what your viewers and followers want to see. You can then produce more accurate content in the future that will both raise your credibility and increase your brand image. This is an audience focused method which can lead to a more gainful response in future posts.

Information Via Insight

You can gain a lot of insight from your own audience and Facebook posts. These insights can provide you with more information than you might have previously thought. Most importantly you can use these insights to focus target times and audiences for future references. Some of the information you can gain through these insights are the age, gender, location, and times that your audiences frequent your posts.

From this information you can better time your posts for a more accurate posting time, and better targeting either the audience you have, or the audience you feel like you should have. You can see what you have posted through your Facebook marketing campaign and gauge what has the greatest relevancy and insights among them. From that you are able to pinpoint sweet spots to provide more content that has a specified quality for your following.

More complex information can be gained from these insights such as interests, estimated income, and more. This information is vital to both your Facebook marketing as well as your content marketing campaigns. You are also able to determine how they are responding to your content through this insight which is a great way to increase future relevancy in posts and shared links.

We hope that you make good use of the strategical tips to increase your content marketing by Facebook marketing. It is important to remember that it isn’t just about sharing your content from other locations, sharing blogs, and posting images. It is about the quality of the posts you make on Facebook that helps determine your traffic and interaction from your followers.

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