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Why LinkedIn is a B2B Marketing HotSpot

When it comes to B2B Marketing, LinkedIn has grown to be a social network super power. Ranked at the top of the social media platforms, LinkedIn attracts B2B marketers that are wishing to reach out to clients, create new connections, and establish a link with professionals in similar industries. Studies show that LinkedIn has grown in importance for large and small businesses alike in the last few years.

From B2C to B2B

Recent studies show that Twitter and Facebook are the preferred social media platforms for B2C marketers. Whereas, LinkedIn has become the ‘go-to’ for B2B marketing. Almost 50% of B2B marketers choose LinkedIn, and roughly 10% of B2C choose LinkedIn as their platform for promotions of services and products.

LinkedIn has grown in popularity for B2B marketing so much since 2014, that the terms of importance has increased by 4%. The same research indicates nearly 70% of B2B marketing plans are to increase through the use of LinkedIn. Also, nearly 75% of B2B marketers are interested in learning more about LinkedIn.

One of the major reasons why LinkedIn has become the top social B2B marketing hotspot is their potent tools. These advanced tools allow businesses to further their reach to audiences of higher value while improving their brand awareness to the right traffic.

Innovation & Growth

Furthering the aid of B2B marketing, LinkedIn has released an outstanding version of the popular Pulse news reader that allows more freedom among the users to decide what content is more appropriate for them. Also aiding its users’ growing needs, LinkedIn made improvements to the sales side of their site with their Sales Navigation tool integrating Microsoft Dynamics. In addition, the Slideshare product has been given an upgrade by LinkedIn to improve leads.


To add icing to the cake, and to improve B2B marketing, LinkedIn now offers a sales metric known as Social Selling Index. This allows a business to view their professionalism through the eyes of prospects in order to discover accurate methods for engaging B2B customers while also building a foundation for long-term relationships.

LinkedIn Premium

Offering a strategical edge over the competition, LinkedIn now offers a premium account with improved features for B2B marketing. These improved features include a greater access to listed information of profiles, more advanced searching features, and inMail capability. Though a great number of users on this massive network utilize the free accounts, these improved features and more are only accessible to premium LinkedIn users. That being said, if you are wanting to improve your B2B marketing campaign, a premium account is highly recommended to maximize your impact on LinkedIn.

Search Query Usage

A marketer can browse for potential clients in two separate ways on LinkedIn, the first method being the advanced search interface. The second method is the more thorough search queries offered by LinkedIn.

Filtering searches for a higher result of targets, B2B marketers make use of the advanced search interface. This search option also allows for new results to the same criteria to be notified by offering a ‘save search’ feature.

The second method, search queries, allows you to find the right customer. LinkedIn allows you to use specific commands to discover the right results such as:

  • Use “” for exact phrasing
  • () for complex phrasing
  • “or” for multiple word searches
  • “and” for combining words
  • “NOT” for exclusion of particular words and phrases

Opening The Door to Success on LinkedIn

Social marketing is important for all organizations, not just B2B marketing. LinkedIn is a thriving concept that allows for social marketing campaigns while enabling the B2B marketing realm. Allowing the use of strategical tactics and proper tools, LinkedIn empowers marketers and salespeople from all over the world to connect through their network for positive business activity.

LinkedIn is an expanded platform now, granting usability to more languages than previously designed. This is a great leap for B2B marketing and businesses from all corners of society, allowing a capitalization on a social media platform.

To summarize, B2B marketing possibilities is at a growth thanks to LinkedIn. Being able to connect worldwide allows amazing capabilities to capitalize on with this social network. In order to continue this great growth, promote your brand, and find that B2B partnership that will last, we have compiled a list of tips.

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Keeping accurate information on prospects will benefit in the long run, and using your social CRM to do so is ideal. LinkedIn is the favoring tool in social CRM, allowing you to monitor prospects real-time activity on LinkedIn. You are also able to decipher their behavior and preferences this way.

  1. Make a Lead Generation Page out of Your Company Page

Leads aren’t an organically grown aspect. They require effort and dependability in order to form. In the quest of your B2B marketing plan, use your LinkedIn company page as a compass for leads by ensuring your updates are regularly occurring.

  1. Lead Your Niche

The most effective way to do this is to have excellent content, answer questions, be involved in the LinkedIn community, and putting yourself in positive positions your competition hasn’t claimed yet. There are several tools offered by LinkedIn to establish your authority in your Niche.

  1. Advanced Search Options are your Friend

Finding new prospects is the main goal of your B2B marketing plan with LinkedIn. Utilizing the advanced search options and queries, that are offered by this social platform, is the most direct way to accomplish this goal. Being able to accurately pinpoint prospects, while using the advanced search filters, is an equally direct way to catch the edge on competition.

In Conclusion

Your B2B marketing campaign is greatly dependent on location, and LinkedIn has become the hotspot for many B2B marketers across the world. Their advanced searches, queries, and overall popularity over other social platforms makes them the top stop for your social media and B2B marketing. Establishing a strong presence on LinkedIn is a key to greater success for your company or organization, investing in their premium accounts can give you an even greater edge over competition.

LinkedIn also allows for greater brand recognition, as well as allowing you to find and establish more prospects and clients.  Following our 4 simple tips, and staying active on your LinkedIn account will help establish long-term relationships all over the world, while driving traffic to your sites.

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