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Marketing Strategies for After the Holidays

The holidays mark a time of the year for families to gather around the table and share in meals and celebration with each other. They also mark a time of the year that there are holiday sales through the stores. Every business, company, store, and online shopping site has a sale or discounts. These discounts bring in needed financial gain for the businesses while increasing brand awareness. One of the major problems is finding a way to make your brand more recognizable than the others during the holiday. However, with the right marketing strategies you can succeed next year. Even more than you did on Black Friday.


One market that is rarely touched is the late shoppers, or rather the ones that celebrate the holidays later than most people because of work and travel arrangements. The trick to becoming recognizable in these times is to build a post-holiday marketing strategy. Not only will you reap a financial gain, but your brand will get some much-needed attention that people will associate as a life saver of prices. We will discuss a few ways to increase your brand awareness after this year’s holiday celebration.

Keep the Sales Going

Just because the holiday season is over, doesn’t mean the holiday shopping is. Many people choose to not shop during Black Friday because of the rush of rabid shoppers who have to have the best deal possible. They would rather pay extra for quality products, than to fight with little old ladies over the same item for a discount. By offering a well-balanced holiday sale after the holidays, you will be able to capture the attention of those shoppers that avoid Black Friday like the plague. This also has an impact with your brand awareness through the year, and into the next holiday season. Your brand will be associated with the best deals over the competition and the people will be excited about it.

Surprise Release

After the holiday sales have finished up for the season, and shoppers are recovering from their food comas, you will find that the market is primed for the release of a new product or service that can be advertised and scheduled in between food posts on social media. While everyone compares how big their new televisions are, you could be revealing a new product or service for a limited time offer that would catch the eye of your audience.


One of the best marketing strategies that always raises brand awareness, while promoting sales, is holding a contest. A post-holiday contest is an excellent way to bring in organic traffic growth, offering a prize or major discount for something as simple as someone showing the worst present they received over the holidays. Making a themed holiday sale or contest is the way to go when strategizing for the post-holiday season. Which leads us to our next tip.

Social Media Awareness

As people recover from their food comas, they enjoy playing with their new electronics. Browsing social media and tweeting about their presents, they will be super focused on what everyone is posting and the deals that they found. This is a prime time to advertise through social media, with the right media posts and social reaching, you can develop an organic growth while bringing in your brand awareness. Social media activity is key to any marketing strategy now days, might as well take advantage of it by promoting awareness post-holiday sales.

To Summarize

By following a well-constructed marketing strategy, you will find that outside of holiday sales you are able to capitalize on a time of year that is hardly touched. Reach out to the anti-shoppers, or the shoppers who would rather catch the post-holiday sales. Increase your brand awareness and offer more financial gain.

However, the key to making this possible is your social media footprint. If you struggle with your social media marketing strategy, sometimes it is ideal to outsource to a professional that specializes in social media posts and brand awareness.

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