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What is a Medical Writer?

Many different writers have specialties, as well as many individuals who specialize in a subject matter are able to freelance written content or copy for that specific field. One of the more difficult specialties for freelance writers is being a medical writing. It is also a very common field for freelancing because of the difficulty of writing in this field. Why is it difficult?

You have to know what you are talking about in many details. It isn’t as simple as researching for a few moments, then writing about what you learned. You have to be able to explain your statements, the product, procedure, and go into detail about the specifics surrounding your copy or content.  Through this blog you will find definitions of a medical writer, a few of the fields available, and some perks that come along with the job.


Medicine Writing

Writing about medicine can bring in a lot of different clientele to your table; Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, medical journals, and medical books all require a well-educated individual to write the content needed to inform others about services, products, and procedures.

Also, a medical writer is a valuable asset to doctors for research, and writing monographs or reviews. Medicine writing is about more than just being accurate in information, it is about educating and aiding people with your knowledge.


Required Writing Skill

Obviously you must have the ability to write functionally in general in order to be a medical writer, with that being said, it is best to get your writing abilities to a level of comfort. You must be confident with your skills in order to be a medical writer. Being able to translate your medical knowledge to a medium of language that both the common reader can understand, and a doctor or medical scientist can understand a vital part of being literately skilled.

Also, you must be able to connect and understand theories of medical academics and ideas while being able to look past jargon of both medical and common tongue to rewrite it in an understandable tone for the reader. A medical writer needs to have clarity imbued into their skills, the ability to see the meaning of conference notes and research papers. You have to have a general understanding of what you are reading, and writing, to be able to provide the same clarity to the reader.

You will find as a medical writer that you will be bringing in clients from different shapes. This includes a general public that seeks to have an academic paper rewritten or edited for a deadline. You have to be able to take a jumbled mess and make it into a clear example of the idea that is being grasped by the original writer. Meanwhile, not changing the paper or writing it for someone to get a grade.

Many times as a writer in the medical field, you will find that you are required to write in a team. These teams are usually specialists in different medical fields, or writing styles, and you must be able to work with someone else to fill in gaps and create the most accurate and literate article or informative piece to meet a work order.

In summary to this, the required writing skills needed is clarity, understanding, teamwork, knowledge, and confident writing abilities.


Medical Writing for Markets

One of the main clients you get as a medical writer are those that seek to improve the health care field and market with a new pharmaceutical or device. This is a very difficult area, for a new product or medication there isn’t much research or remarks to work off of other than what is provided, because of this you have a lack of information that you must pass on to the reader in order to meet the goals of bringing something to market.

Not just that, but making sure that the writing is understandable enough for the market to accept said device or pharmaceutical. Normally the writers of these situations are contracted employees of a company that have a connection to the company or product in some way. If outsourced for a company on a new device or product, make sure to use every resource of information you can in order to compress this knowledge to be informative and giving to the readers.

Knowledge in medical science is a must for many, if not all medical writers, freelance or not. A primary goal for a medical writer for markets is to seek the approval of the FDA wishing to move past the trial phase.


The Benefits of Medical Writing

First off, the main reward of medical writing is the satisfaction of knowing that what you write will help someone in some way. Whether you are informing someone of needed medical information on a device or drug, or you are helping a company move a product to market that could potentially save the life of millions. You are literally changing the world with your words in an excellent way. The primary reward is the fact you make a difference.

The flexibility of opportunities in the medical writing field is a wonderful benefit. You are able to specialize in so many different subjects of the medical field that you will be able to find work easier than most. Having journalism degrees, or medical degrees increase the flexibility of your field and leads us to the final perk of being a medical writer.


The Pay

Medical writers tend to be paid more than most, mainly due to the fact that their specializations do indeed require a higher knowledge and ability to perform the duties needed. Making upwards toward almost $100,000 a year. There were studies made in 2004 that stated the average income of a medical writer that year was between $73,000 and $90,000.

Ultimately, there are many reasons to be a medical writer, the pay, opportunity flexibility, and the fact that you are able to make a difference and touch a life. You are required to know a lot about writing and the medical field, but that shouldn’t hold someone back if they have the desires to learn and follow through with writing in this field. You find yourself having an expansive field of options as a medical writer that we encourage you to explore.


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