What is MLA Format?

When it comes to academic writing, there are many formatting styles. However, the two most common are APA and MLA. At some point most of today’s students will be asked to write a paper using MLA Format. MLA format is the shorthand description of the way you are to cite your sources and format the final copy of your paper.

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5 More Reasons Why You Need a Content Writer

Originally it was said that ‘Content is King’ by Bill gates more than 20 years ago, however, only recently in years have individuals noticed exactly how quality content is king. It is only when the algorithm changes of Google, and many other search engines, emerged that many marketers, business owners, and even bloggers realized they didn’t know how to write.

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Content is King: Increased SEO

The content on your website, copy, social media, even in your emails are vital to how the public view or traffic your site, and purchase your product/service. Now, content is king in the world we live in and that is because there is more to content than just being eye appealing. Your content reflects your company, product, views, and humility.

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Writing Websites: Publishing

This week we are going to continue our writing website series with the subtitle of Publishing. These are great sites if you are an up and coming author looking to get published, or looking for tips on publishing and doing it yourself. Compiled into a list for your convenience, as always we offer the name of the site and a

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Content is King: Increased Traffic

We recently posted a blog that discussed basic points proving that content is king. We promised that there would be a follow-up article, and here it is. Over the course of this blog we will delve into the effects of content marketing, SEO content, and ‘eye candy content’ on your site’s traffic. Increased traffic onto your sites means more views,

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5 Tips For Writing Brilliant Blog Titles

Though it was common practice in the past not to read a book, but talk about it over dinner as if you had, today’s society has taken that concept and began to incorporate it into social media. Many individuals will re-post and share blogs or articles based on the title alone without reading the actual content of the article.

With that

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Writing Websites: Marketing

Continuing our series about some of the most useful writing websites active to date, we now present to you writing websites that are designed to help with the marketing of your work. Be it publicity or publishing. These writing websites will help a common writer present themselves as Poe to the public.

Giving Voice to Your Story
Dorit Sasson aids in building

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Content is King: 5 Reasons Why

Over recent years, the content of a website or product has become increasingly important, almost more important than the product or site itself. That is why content is king in internet marketing. Well, content is king in all marketing. However, for websites and product descriptions, content is king above all else. So we have taken it upon ourselves to compile

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The Importance of Your Blog Title

Many bloggers think long and hard about their blog titles, others just jot the first thing to come to their heads. While both are effective for the task at hand, do you realize how important your blog title actually is? Many don’t, that is why we have compiled a wonderful list to inform you of the importance of your blog

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Writing Websites: Freelance

Freelance writing is a very common field, at the same time however, it is also a field in need of talented and skilled individuals. There are many different writing websites out there always scouting to help freelancers or offering freelancing services. Trying to pick the right ones can be stressful, and you could land on a bad site that will

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