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Is Our Blog Writing Service Right For You?

No site is complete without having a blog. Not only is it not complete, but it is missing out majorly on traffic and leads. Some research done by HubSpot suggests that a consistent blog can lead to tripling your website traffic each month, which can give you over 1,000 new leads.

There are a lot of positive ways a blog can affect your brand. For starters, it raises brand awareness. You get to tell your story to your audience. Most importantly, you are attracting and engaging with key individuals in the target audience.

With HD Writing Co. you are getting native English writers who are experienced and well versed with both spelling and grammar. You won’t have your work just outsourced to a third party.

Each writer was hand-picked by the CEO, and we assign the writer best suited for your needs. All of our writers are constantly improving and striving to ensure customer satisfaction and providing higher quality content than you would receive from another writing service. Additionally, we work closely with a team of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts with 10+ years of experience.

Each blog post includes:

  • Unique and original content
  • Strategic positioning of your target SEO keywords
  • Plagiarism free, scanned by Copyscape
  • Simple formatting for SEO and readability
  • Outbound link(s) to supporting sources
  • Proofreading by our editing team

It is our personal guarantee that you will receive the most compelling content that will captivate your audience. With our experience of SEO and keywords, we can even recycle old content to reach new ranks on search engines.

Need help with topic ideas? Ask about our topic research services. All we need is some general concepts and your targeted keywords. Our SEO experts will do their thing and provide you with several engaging topics. A good topic is the first step to taking things to a new level.

Blog posts can be written in various tones, styles, and formats. Our blog post writing service starts at 300-500 words. If you need a higher word count, contact us for a custom quote.

 $75 – $100

Per Post

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Web Articles

Is Our Web Article Writing Service Right For You?

Our team of professional content writers have written thousands of web articles, and would be happy to write yours. We provide high-quality content that is 100% unique, ready to publish on your website. Each article is proofread for grammar mistakes, ensuring readability. We strive to provide the best content possible, while maintaining affordable content writing rates.

Web articles are made-to-order based on your niche, target keywords, and goals. If needed, our expert SEO team can help determine the best keywords and topics for web articles.

Our web article writing service starts at 750-1,000 words and includes plain text only. Rates do not include formatting or HTML. Contact us for a custom quote for higher word counts.

1 Business Day – $150

3 Business Days – $120

5 Business Days – $100

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Product Descriptions

Is Our Product Description Service Right For You?

A high-quality, SEO optimized product description can help increase sales conversion rates. Our professional copywriters have written thousands of product descriptions in nearly every niche. Each product description we write goes through a round of proofreading to ensure high-quality, grammar free content every time.

Trusting us to write your product descriptions will save time, and can help boost conversion rates for your online products, services or e-commerce store.

Product descriptions commonly include a bullet list of features and short paragraphs explaining the product. Pricing is based on word count, volume and specific requirements. Contact us to get a custom quote.

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Social Media Posts

Is Our Social Media Writing Service Right For You?

Social media posts can help increase awareness and traffic to your social media page, website, or other areas. Any business, organization, cause pages, or personal accounts can benefit from a successful social media strategy.

Each social media platform varies on what works best, from post length to type of Call-To-Action used. Let our team of skilled writers craft quality social posts to give you the best advantage possible.

We currently offer the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

To help add additional value to your social media post, we ask that you include an original image. It can be an image of yourself, your product, etc. to help your target audience connect with you on a more personal level.

Do You Offer Multiple Variations?

Social media writing service rates are per social media post. This helps provide a flat rate, no hidden-fee structure. If you need multiple variations of the same post, please contact us for a custom quote.

Our team aims to provide quality, devoting the time required to develop a targeted social media caption based on your needs, custom written by native English social media writers and SEO experts.

Promote user engagement, choose from LinkedIn posts, Facebook posts, or Tweets. Our social media posts come in batches of 25.

3 Business Days – $100

5 Business Days – $75

7 Business Days – $60

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Proofreading Services

From blog posts to web articles, eBooks to academic papers, it is important to ensure content is grammar free. Readers expect concise and organized content. With our team of proofreaders, your content or writing can be high-quality, polished and professional.

Two Proofreader Method

Every proofreading order will go through two rounds of proofreading, by two separate proofreaders. Each proofreader will look for grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and other errors in your writing. We find this method helps ensure the accuracy of our premium proofreading services.

Types of Services

Our proofreading services are ideal for websites, bloggers, business professionals, students, and authors.

For students, we can help ensure your writing is error free for the following standard writing styles:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago

Express Rates

Need your content proofread quickly? Contact us for a custom quote based on the length of your content and required turnaround time.

Blog Posts or Web Articles

Our team can proofread your new or existing articles for errors.

Academic Proofreading Services

Ensuring you turn in error-free papers can help you get a higher grade and impress the professor. Let us help.

Business Proofreading Services

We can help with any size project, including memos, emails, newsletters, and business documents.

Resume Proofreading Services

A resume is one of the most important documents you could ever write. You do not want to leave errors floating around a resume. Be confident when starting your job search and let us proofread your resume first.

Essay Proofreading Services

Did you procrastinate until the last minute to complete your essay assignment? Our team can offer various turnaround times to help you make deadline.

Manuscript and Book Proofreading Services

Authors that depend on their own proofreading often receive feedback stating they should have spent more time proofreading, or hired an editor. Errors can cause a publisher to reject a submission.

Self-publishing authors often receive poor feedback when they overlook errors before publishing to Amazon or other platforms.

Double-Proofreader Model checks for Grammatical errors, including capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and verb tense.

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Rewriting Services

Is Our Rewriting Service Right For You?

Rewriting services are in huge demand. The following reasons will help you decide if rewriting is the best option for you.

  • You don’t have time to spare for content writing
  • You can’t afford to hire copywriters
  • Previous writers have failed to deliver, and you wish to try a rewriting service
  • Recycle your existing content to promote your brand
  • You lack the skills to write quality content yourself
  • You simply need help

The following are ways you can benefit from having your content rewritten.

  • Quality rewritten content suitable for web articles or blogs.
  • Increase website traffic
  • Improve sales or lead generation
  • Increased traffic via more links
  • Help establish a reputation

We manually rewrite your existing content to make it unique. Our rates start at only 200 words. Need a higher word count? Contact us for a custom quote.

1 Business Day – $40

3 Business Days – $30

5 Business Days – $25

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Custom Writing Services

Need Custom Writing Services?

From bulk order requests to services not listed elsewhere, we often get requests for custom orders. Got something you need help with? Just let us know your project details and we will let you know if it is something we can help with.

If we’re unable to help, we may be able to refer you to someone. Either way, we will always let you know if we can help or not.

Need content that doesn’t fit out other categories? Contact us for a custom quote based on your project requirements.

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What we provide with every order:

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Native English Writers
  • 100% Original Content
  • Content Scanned by Copyscape
  • Basic Proofreading Services
  • Free Revision Requests

Let’s Discuss Your Content Goals

Scale content with a dedicated account manager

  • — Custom writer vetting and management
  • — High volume, high quality content
  • — Consistent publishing schedules
  • — Premium customer support

100% Money Back Guarantee