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Social Media Content Marketing Trends

As all things in life, the way that we market our content and product is advancing. We have gone from fliers and magazine ads, to pop ups and e-mails. Mind you, pop-up ads are more annoying than successful. The point is, there is a maturing curve coming to digital marketing, and companies will have to evolve their campaigns to stay at pace with it.

The problem with this is, many companies forget one key factor that not only sells, but raises brand awareness, humanizing. You can spit out all the content, videos, augmented realities you want. If your content doesn’t show that you are human, readers will not be able to relate or find interest in it.

Another factor to keep in mind is quality. Your content can exist, or it can exist brilliantly. Add some content to your quality, and express to the user what your message is, don’t just tell them. Regardless of any videos, pictures, memes, or GIFs you add to spruce up your content, if the content isn’t good then you’ve just wasted time.

This all leads us to our main point, social media content marketing. Social media has begun to take over the internet. Now days, people are accessing their social media on their televisions even, so turning your nose to a social media content marketing campaign is foolish. So, we have compiled a list of trends to be alert to in 2018 for social media content marketing.

#5 More Valuable Content Forms:

Your 2018 social media marketing campaign should focus on content forms that are richer than previous years. Rich Content is basically facilitating interaction from the viewer. One solid way to implement this method is running a poll, or other user interactive content. Videos being another example, do not run auto-play ads, all they do is annoy the target audience. Make it to where the interested parties must click play to view your content, invest time in them so they will invest time in you. You want to distribute content that asks for the same interaction that you intend to give to your audience.

#4 Mobile Friendly Content:

As stated before, content and social media is being projected on all screens now, even mobile devices. It would be a real shame if all your content was only visible from a computer or other specific platforms. For many who frequently interact with their social media, as well as other platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, are showing their activity from gaming systems such as PlayStation and Xbox.  This is relevant because these individuals could fall into your target audience, but if your content isn’t targeting their viewing platforms, how will you reach them? The content that you provide for these platforms (and all mobile platforms) should be simple, with a minimal key press to interact with.

#3 Organic User Generated Leverage:

The tell a friend system has evolved on its own, and now over 80% of consumers rely on the feedback of average users for suggestions of products and services. Organizations like Yelp and other review services are hot spots for potential consumers to gauge the quality of content and businesses. Simply sharing satisfied customer reviews isn’t enough, you must find a finessing method of organic user generating content for your social media content marketing plan.

#2 Ephemeral Content Increase:

Evergreen content will always be a valuable aspect of any marketing plan, but with social media content marketing, ephemeral content has begun to create a wanting craze. Content that dissipates after a while doesn’t sound appealing on paper, but when you look at the pioneer of ephemeral content (SnapChat), you begin to realize the appeal of this vanishing content. It offers a sense of urgency under the fact of exclusive and limited components. Even other social media has begun to follow the lead of SnapChat, Facebook and Instagram have implemented story features of their own to increase activity. Ramping up the stories of a brand to continue brand awareness and insinuate a fleeting chance is an excellent way to draw in the attention of consumers. This is a strategy that will undoubtedly grow greatly in 2018, and we are looking forward to the advancement of this ephemeral content in the future.

#1 Talent Investment Increase:

We are at a point in content marketing, especially in social media content marketing, that most companies realize the relevancy of these media outlets. Because of this realization, companies have begun to invest into their social strategy for future turn-outs. Exploring professionals who are tech-savvy as well as literally endowed is a coming phase. Investing in third-party content creators is a cost-efficient way to increase the brand-awareness and consumer-engagement of a company’s social media content marketing plan.

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