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StonePark: A Writers Retreat

Located in Bonne Terre (Terre Du Lac) Missouri, StonePark is a short drive from the hustle of St. Louis and it is filled with unique stone formations, and surrounded by magnificent woods and Ozark mountains. If you are looking for inspiration for your creative writing, simply take in the sights. You can also take part in many activities to increase your creativity, such as hiking, biking, fishing or golfing to name a few.

StonePark Relax

StonePark is also one of the few leading attractions left in St. Francois County Missouri. Aside from mine tours, historical landmarks, and holding ground of 30 acres, you can find attractions such as the Bonne Terre Mines, Elephant Rock, St. Francois Park, and more. With the campgrounds and lodging available, it also makes for a relaxing writers retreat for those simply looking to focus on their writing.

In addition to being a good writers retreat, below are some of the events that are found at Stone Park, year around.


Christmas in Lights

The annual ‘Christmas in Lights’ display is a visual blessing of lights and displays of holiday spirit as you tour the facility. Travel through the display with your loved ones to enjoy the scenery that is always unique and pleasing. On select times, even Santa Claus can be found in the Lodge sipping hot cocoa and visiting children.


Hay Rides

Nothing screams childhood memories like a hay ride tour in fresh air during the holiday season. You can find all dates available for their hay rides on their website or by calling them.


New Year’s Party

Annual New Year’s Eve parties are always those of memories. For a small fee at the door, you can enjoy dinner and social stimulation as you bring in the New Year with others. Music and dancing are some of the entertainment you can find while you leave 2016 on a high note.


Valentine’s Day Event

For you love birds trying to plan something magical. Visit StonePark on Valentine’s Day for live comedy shows, dinner, and drinks. Make your day special for the one that is special to you.


Murder Mystery Theatre

On January 21st, stimulate your inner detective with murder mystery theatre. Presented by Jest Murder Mystery, they bring the murder to you so to speak, offering provisional dinner theatres that are both interactive, and intriguing. They may have a comical twist, but that is hardly a downside.


The BIG Event

The biggest event, or one of them, in anyone’s life is their wedding. You are able to schedule and book their large grounds for wonderful outdoor photography sets, and the space to treat 10 to 1000 or more guests. It will make your important day perfect with an elegant setting for an amazing wedding that no one will forget.


There are so many activities and events offered by StonePark, memories are created everyday with their campgrounds alone. The offer an RV Park and many more attractions, suited for all individuals to enjoy. If you have any stories of your StonePark experience, feel free to share them in the comments.

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