Top 10 Marketing Ideas for Black Friday & Cyber Monday
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Top 10 Marketing Ideas for Black Friday

Tis’ the season for spending. Being that the season for spending brings with it the season of marketing, many organizations and companies don’t have the right marketing ideas for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This is a major issue for you if you intend to benefit from this time of year for needed financial income.

Black Friday

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving that marks the traditional beginning of Christmas shopping where most retail stores offer massive discounts. Often they result in a massive turn over on profit and establishes a customer base that results in return business and brand recognition.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a more recent tradition that marks the Monday after Thanksgiving. It is a day where people are encouraged to shop online for major discounts, focused greatly on electronics, that establishes traffic to many retail websites, as well as brand recognition.

If you are finding yourself in a bit of worry about your marketing ideas for this year’s retail traditions, this is the right article for you. Below are 10 marketing ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday that can help increase your revenue throughout the holidays, and retain customer loyalty all year.

Marketing Ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  1. New Products

One marketing idea that can be capitalized on is a new product launch. Launching a new product, or the launching of said product, can be a base for your advertisements in the papers or on social media to draw in interested customers.

  1. Free Trials

This is a great time of year to offer a free trial, or a membership to your online/in-store retail perks. Even if you offer it at a reduced priced, it gives the opportunity to consumers to experience the perks of being exclusive to your brand.

  1. Better Discounts

Dropping your discounts to a point of appeal seems like it would be a dangerous tool. However, in the grand scheme of things less is more. The more people interested in a certain product will shop around for the absolute best price prior to the big sale. Having your advertisements ready and launched prior to a great deal gives them assurance that they will be first in line.

  1. Free Gifts

For memberships or purchases over a certain amount, offer a free gift of some value to entice people into purchasing from you. Advertising the free gifts, or making the free gift relevant to a current trend, allows the traffic you receive to grow and the profit to roll in.

  1. Promo Event

The biggest part of promotional events is to allow the people to feel like they are a part of something. Turning a promo into an event gives them that feeling through proper marketing.

  1. Contests

Running a contest on Black Friday or Cyber Monday is a great way to bring in more attention and potential customers to your website or store. Doing so even prior to the traditional days allows you to properly market your deals and savings for those days, as well as raising brand awareness.

  1. VIP Treatment

Use this time of the year to grow your marketing ideas by showing your existing customers and members a VIP treatment that rolls out the red carpet for them and makes them feel like they are part of your family.

  1. Cross Advertising

Turning your regular paper ad into email content, or maybe investing in ads that feature on social media and television is a great marketing idea for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  1. Interactive Advertisement

Interacting with those who frequent your sites and stores is a great marketing idea for every time of the year, however, opening yourself to customers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be more beneficial. Helping individuals find the better deals and discounts through your company via interactive marketing is a great way to build brand awareness and leave a positive vibe about your organization during the off-season.

  1. Content

The number one influence you will have with your advertisements during Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the content that you use to raise awareness of your brand. Sometimes all it takes is a little help from professionals that specialize in content marketing and brand awareness to draw in the traffic to your website or store.

Using these 10 tips to drive your marketing ideas is a wonderful way to reap the benefits on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not only are you looking to sell well on these days, but how you hold your website’s customer service as well as your in-store customer service will affect your regular sales. By offering people a courtesy during these hectic sales, you are opening the door for an experience that they will remember, which drives them into becoming loyal customers of your organization during the off-season.

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