Top 5 Content Writing trends
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Top 5 Content Writing trends

As with all things, time has taken its toll on the way trends effect content writing in all industries. It isn’t just about being able to create quality content on your laptop or PC. Now it is virtually a requirement that your content be optimized for SEO, and be mobile. Meaning, accessible to tablets and cell phones.

In addition to just mobile friendly content, your post or blog still has to rank high in the search engine results while producing content that is important to the reader.

In 2017, and in the years to come, all web masters and companies who specialize in SEO need to be alert to the trends and developing ideas that create a new backbone for future content. Below are 5 examples of the upcoming trends that will outline content writing throughout 2017-2018:

Mobile-Optimized Content

With the unveiling of the smartphone, many different search engines such as Google have expressed their new procedures that give priority to mobile friendly websites. Because of this, many websites found themselves switching to different setups and layouts that allow mobile viewing. Though it doesn’t seem like much, it was quite ground breaking. Think of the first set of websites to become mobile accessible in 1996, thanks to the Nokia 9000 Communicator. Though the first actual websites are not stated, you can imagine how many individuals brought traffic from their phone to those sites.

Now, thousands of websites are mobile accessible, and the ones that aren’t are missing out on the largest content writing trends in 2017. Hundreds of sites increased traffic because of mobile-friendly content alone, as long-form content may properly fit nor read well on mobile platforms. So thanks to referrals, and search engines optimizing mobile friendly sites, hundreds of business, blogs, and programs have risen to success.

Targeted Content, Personalized Content

Every minute, of everyday, there is new content being released to the world-wide web. As this new content is produced, more web searchers are also being born. The fact of it is, no one searching the web will click on a site that isn’t relevant to them. It is vital that your content connect to the readers so they will be drawn to it, inclined to review it. Because of it, your content must constantly be up to date. When you are searching for the next season of your favorite Netflix original series to be released, you don’t want to read about how last season is going to be released last year.

Mind you, Netflix keeps their information as up to date as they can for this reason. Which brings us to our next point. It isn’t just about your content being personalized to the viewer. There are times content writing should focus on the user’s platforms as well.

Below are some examples of common platforms for viewing content:

  • Computers (PCs, Laptops)
  • Mobile Devices (Phones, Tablets)
  • Gaming Systems (PlayStation, Xbox)

These platforms offer web browsing, and some have dedicated browsers. Not all browsers are created equal, meaning content may appear differently when viewed on a computer vs an Xbox. For example, content populated with Flash or JavaScript may appear on a computer, but be unable to load on an Xbox.

Thanks to analytic data, you can easily see which platforms your audience uses to view your content. This lets you know what platform(s) to focus your content writing around.

A Junk-Free Web, Keeping it Clean

Readers, consumers, and customers will stick to the websites that they find most fitting to their specific needs. Though the way of the unethical junk content is outdated and has been virtually gone for some time, it is important that your links and information is relevant to your message for the reader.

One way to keeping the internet clean of junk, is SEO relevance. Everyone who has a website wants to see themselves at the top of search results, but overloading your page with keywords isn’t the answer. Yes, keywords are important for search results. However, it is important to keep your keywords relevant to your content/product for the sake of the viewer.

Tip: Using long-tail keywords can help target your audience, resulting in better bounce rates.

Search engine crawlers focus on a few key factors when it comes to deeming a website relevant and worth ranking. One of the main things it focuses on is the time viewers spend on your website. The longer a reader spends on your website, the more the crawler will assume that your content is of a higher quality. If you show a higher bounce rate, however, the crawlers will assume your content is lower quality and lowers your search relevancy ranking.

Relevant for Social Media

If you take away anything from this article, let it be that you can utilize content marketing for a social media marketing plan content writing correctly, even with social media marketing. Just like with a web search, social media viewers will not click on something that isn’t going to speak to them. They will assume it is just click bait and move on with their day leaving you with lower traffic rate to your site.

Creating, and maintaining a profile on a popular social media site can help bring awareness to your content, as well as addressing any questions or concerns in a personalized manner. It tends to humanize your content/product without posting annoying advertisements across the web.

Knowing which social media platform is best for you is also key, if you have advertisements on Instagram for a content writing company, it will just seem like junk advertisement that won’t be looked at twice. There are marketing services that you can speak to, which can help you find the right social media platform for your content.

Visual Rise

The biggest trend of 2017, and one that will continue to be significantly important in years to come, is a visual grasp at the viewers. Regardless of where your content is being shared, if it doesn’t visually grab the reader, it won’t reach the reader. The reason this visual approach in content writing is so vital is the over population of websites.

There is an overabundance of content on the web, and most of it is horrible. Truth be told, it is still competition for your content. Addressing this competition with a visual edge is the answer to those back-linked filled websites. Though it should go without being said, your priority for content is the best interest for your traffic. Make sure your content writing is on point and keeps the customers best interest in mind. Simply running a spell check and keeping your website spaced properly can work wonders for you.

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