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Writing Websites: Blogging

Since the dawn of the world-wide web, blogging and information sharing has become a very real thing. Those of us who have lived online through these times have not only found faster, and more convenient ways of sharing this information, but have even went as far as setting up our own blog spots to make it public access to those who seek to follow a specified topic or subject. With that being said, how do you keep up with it all?

We are sure, if you are like us, you have at the very least a dozen different tabs and bookmarks of blogs or articles that you are compelled to read. Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram, etc., are some of the most constantly changing sources of media and information. Well, when it comes to writing, there are always an ever-changing pool of tips and tricks on websites that we find ourselves enthralled in. So we have decided to take some time to map out some of the best blogging sites on the web that we feel you must check out.



Founded by Darren Rowse, the ProBlogger team provide you with a sturdy blog about blogging. It is a sturdy, well trusted blog that offers collective knowledge and resources in how to legitimize your blog. Also, the ProBlogger team offers a constantly updated job board.

Sark eMedia:

Kevin and Sarah Arrow have created a practical and inspiring site that holds many helpful articles and a 30-day free blogging challenge. They drive writers to build self-confidence in their writing. This is by far one of my personal favorite writing websites and is a must view.

The Daily Post:

For blogging, this is the ideal writing website to refer to. They help you take steps in becoming a successful blogger, going to the extent of showing you how to research keywords to increase the traffic flow to your blogs.

Boost Blog Traffic:

Jon Morrow, and the Boost Blog Team, understood how difficult it is to be heard in this world of blogs and articles. As a response to this problem to those seeking to control their own writing websites, they offer an extensive list of resources that will help increase traffic without ruining the content quality.

Be a Freelance Blogger:

This writing website helps inspiring bloggers do more than just increase traffic. Blogger, Sophie Lizard, has opened doors for many writers to learn how to start and blog effectively while also offering many different blog posts that help you master the art. She also offers a job board to help bring income.


This is a wonderful writing websites for those that hold a niche in content marketing, community building skills, and search engine optimization (SEO). You are able to take these niches to the next level through the Copyblogger’s forums, blog posts, free eBooks and more. This is a professional blog of leading resources by the Rainmaker Platform creators.

Beyond Your Blog:

Looking to enthrall a new group of fans, increase your blog audience, and getting your blogs published elsewhere? This is a great writing website that provides excellent resources and tips to accomplish this mission.

Know of other good websites for blog writers to get noticed? Share them in the comments below.

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