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Writing Websites: Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur looking to expand your business’ success? Are you looking to break into a business based off writing or writing websites? This would be the blog for you to read, we offer a wonderful list of writing websites that are focused on entrepreneurship and helping entrepreneurs expand.

With these 13 wonderful writing websites that are specifically designed for helping entrepreneurs grow, expand, and succeed in life, you should have no problems answering the questions you have sought for on how to expand or start your world in entrepreneurship.


Paid to Exist

If you are searching to break into a career around your passions, then this could be the site you want to investigate. Blogger Jonathan Mead believes you should follow your dreams, and get paid for doing it. Because of this, he provides training, blogs, and unique resources to help you get to that point.


Men with Pens

Anyone with an existing businesses or wanting to start their businesses, that aspires to website content. This writing website contains over a thousand blogs designed to help with marketing and other needs for small-businesses. Men with Pens’ leader James Chartrand, believes that ‘Content is King’ in the business world. He wants your content to be on point.


Author Media

Made by social media managers, coders, and designers, Author Media shares many tips, plug-ins, and resources for those who wish to lift up their online platform. This writing website is focused on helping a writer’s website be top-notch.


Writing Happiness

Marya Jan’s writing website is a guiding hand for creating online courses and eBooks. This is an excellent website to help start the creation of digital products to improve your great online business and blog. She offers true writing happiness to those who wish to find it.


The Creative Penn

For an excellent writing website for the self-publishing author, Joanna Penn’s best-selling writing career is at your disposal through her site. It offers an enormous bundle of resources for platform-building including podcasts, articles, and eBooks.


Seth Godin

Among many writing websites that seek to inspire all sorts of people, this is one website that inspires without taking the same title. No matter what your industry may be, Seth Godin’s daily wisdom sharing inspires you to be a go-getter in life. It gives you energy, while tipping your approach for marketing, business, and life.


Productive Flourishing

If you are a true ‘Doer’ in life, and wish to inspire and help those and the world around you, Productive Flourishing is the perfect websites to investigate. You will learn how to truly survive and prevail in this new working world.


High-Income Business Writing

This is THE writing website on buzz right now. Ed Gandia provides everything you need in knowledge for successfully moving forward in commercial writing. You can gain tips and secrets for finding the right clients while demanding the top fees.



The Riskology team reveals their scientifically proven strategies of embracing your goals in true entrepreneurship. They will help you own yourself, and make your mark. Don’t be scared of yourself, or nervous of what you can do.


Penelope Trunk

For advice on life, career, and everything in between, Penelope Trunk knows a thing or two around community building. She has extensive experience that she can pass on to you.


The Identity

Lis Dingjan has a blog that embodies the thoughts and experience of her past that can help build systems, entrepreneurship, goal achievement, and marketing. Her and her team help build great websites, applications, courses, and systems for entrepreneurs.


Side Hustle Nation

If your small entrepreneurial start is expandable, you want to take it to greater heights. Nick Loper has provided the tools to help this happen within his blog, podcast, case studies, and spotlighting different side gigs. He has an enormous well of experience for you to drink from in order to find direction in this business world.


Untamed Writing

As far as writing websites go, this is one that expands on and helps build the courage and skill of would be freelance writers. Karen Marston believes that “Your Life is YOUR Life.” and that “You should be able to do with it what you want.”. With this in mind, she has founded Untamed Writing as an internet home to helping those seeking a freelance career while helping them maintain their freedom. You can find full blog archives, resources, and courses to help build your confidence and career.

Certainly with these writing websites under your belt, your world in the entrepreneurial life style can succeed and excel to greater heights. Remember to respect every site you visit, contribute to the conversations, and thank them for anything you walk away with.

As for this blog, feel free to comment below with your feelings, opinions, or any other sites you may know of that fit this category so as others can successfully find a path to travel.

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