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Writing Websites: Freelance

Freelance writing is a very common field, at the same time however, it is also a field in need of talented and skilled individuals. There are many different writing websites out there always scouting to help freelancers or offering freelancing services. Trying to pick the right ones can be stressful, and you could land on a bad site that will offer less than quality work for premium pricing. So below is a compiled list of the best freelance writing websites out there for those freelancing, or interested in finding freelancing services.


Freelancer FAQs

Many who start out in the freelancing world have many questions, and few resources to get their foot in the door. This sight is supported by not only the team member’s contributions, but the quests who contribute by approaching the same issues. They also provide general information to help the would be freelancer in getting a name and feel for the lifestyle.


Freelance Writing

Established in 1997, this writing website holds a cache of information to help a freelancer build a career bound for success. Offering tutorials, media, articles, and other resources, they also have a daily upkeep of job opportunities.


FWJ (Freelance Writing Jobs)

Along with a job board, this site is updated regularly with new trends and freelancing resources for writers. Their blogging and writing tips are compiled of more than 8 years’ worth of experience and they are referred to by writers worldwide.

Comps & Calls

As far as writing websites extend, this is one that has definitely made the top of the ‘best list’. You can find a massive list of competitions, CFS (calls for submissions), and contests at the beginning of every month posted by Cathy Bryant. They are very easily glanced through because she marks whether or not they are paid.


About Freelance Writing

A freelancing favorite, existing for more than a decade, About Freelance Writing earns its name with their resources available. Providing extensive posts on how to market your skills practically, project pricing, and dealing with the other aspects of the business, any freelancer can find a direction with this writing website.


Winning Writers

Sponsoring annual contests, Winning Writers also keep up to date with other competitions of the writing variety creating a go to source for the poetic and freelance writer.

The Renegade Writer

For the freelancer wanting to grab the industry by the rule book and toss it out the window, this is the writing website for you. Linda Formichelli, provides advice for doing just that. In order to be successful, you do not have to follow the book while playing the game, you can write your own book and control the game.


Freelancer Union

As a freelance writer, writing is your life. You eat sleep and breathe word counts, because of this you are considered an independent business owner. With that being said, Freelancer Union is a writing website that presents a major hub for all the details of living a great life as a freelancer.

Funds for Writers

Offering a bi-weekly paid newsletter, with high-paying opportunities, Hope Clark believes that anyone with aspirations for a career in writing is a realistic dream. She also offers a weekly newsletter, and a blog that informs many viewing this writing website scouring for information and chances.


Make a Living Writing

With eBooks, paid community, and blog, Carol Tice shows dedicated by aiding the low-payed marketed writers move forward with their work. On this writing website you can find amazing advice, resources, and support to increase your career as a freelancer.


The Middle Finger Project

Ash Ambirge creates an entertaining environment with this writing website that helps an aspiring writer to show no fear in their ventures while dealing with the tough situations presented like a boss.


Freelance Writers Academy

One of the hugest problems in the freelance world is addressed successfully with this writing website, low wages. Freelance Writers Academy founders said enough with being cut off at the knees, by providing extensive advice and accurate leads for work, resources, and building your freelance business.


Productive Writers

Recognizing the time restrictions of life and freelancing, writer John Soares was interested in experience the fullness of life and not having to work 24/7. He divulges strategies, tips, and tricks at Productive Writers in order for freelancers to quickly finish work on high-paying jobs and enjoying life.


Little Zotz Writing

As far as writing websites go, this is a very resourceful one for a full-time freelance writer to investigate. Lauren Tharp has dedicated her time with a bi-monthly newsletter, podcast, and blog posts that holds practical advice to freelancers seeking to be full-time and successful.

The International Freelancer

Knowing that freelancing is different all over the world, Mridu Khullar Relph brought this writing website to life in order to present advice and resources to the freelancers outside of the U.S. and U.K. With this site acting as a two-way door, he also provides excellent support for the U.S. freelancing writers to make a name in the global base.


These 15 writing websites are sure to help aid any freelance writer find their niche and place in the community that is ever-expanding. For those looking for freelancing services, feel free to contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

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