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Writing Websites: Marketing

Continuing our series about some of the most useful writing websites active to date, we now present to you writing websites that are designed to help with the marketing of your work. Be it publicity or publishing. These writing websites will help a common writer present themselves as Poe to the public.


Giving Voice to Your Story

Dorit Sasson aids in building a relationship among writers and readers. Sasson recognizes that everyone has a message that they want to share with the world, so she helps them climb a ladder of success through her radio show and blog.

Jessica Lawlor

The #getgutsy community, along with Jessica Lawlor, seek to inspire and create confidence in marketing success by offering tips that pushes individuals to reach for their goals by stepping out of their comfort zone.



With a reputation that is boasted by the recognition of The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Obama, Neil Patel is a guru for online marketing. He has aided many companies similar to NBC and Amazon on their revenue in positive ways. The content on his site is extremely relevant and helpful to all businesses.


Build Book Buzz

When it comes to book marketing, there can be a lot of guess-work involved with it. Because of this, author Sandra Beckwith, provides many resources including articles and training programs that helps increase publicity and marketing.


Shelley Hitz

You are able to find a load of content to aid in publishing, book writing, and marketing through the blogs, podcast, and Author Audience Academy that Shelley Hitz opens the door to. Believing that everyone’s message is relevant and needs to be heard, she will show you how to build your own platform and approach your target audience.



For businesses and professional bloggers alike, Kikaloni is a resource that is must have. The founder, Kristi Hines, provides how to guides in digital marketing while bringing the latest trends and strategies to the table.


The Story of Telling

For many, marketing is not just another process, it is part of the success of the entrepreneurial journey. Bernadette Jiwa believes that in order to provide an understanding between you and your target audience, your context is the key to positive marketing.


Michael Hyatt

Author of the bestselling Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, Michael Hyatt, presents a blog that will help you accomplish that goal. Offering tips and resources, he educates on personal development, influence, productivity, and leadership.


Social Triggers

For data driven techniques, involving psychology and social behavior, marketing expert Derek Halpern is the go to guy for you. Social Triggers helps viewers grow an audience and make sales in order to persuade and be successful in the business. He shares his tips, scripts, and strategies with those willing to learn.

These 9 writing websites are the ideal go to for anyone wishing to make a name, grow an audience, or get published. These all help with the marketing aspects through various different methods all derived from experience and success.


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