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Writing Websites: Publishing

This week we are going to continue our writing website series with the subtitle of Publishing. These are great sites if you are an up and coming author looking to get published, or looking for tips on publishing and doing it yourself. Compiled into a list for your convenience, as always we offer the name of the site and a brief description of their process and methods. Enjoy.


Better Novel Project

Taking more of a scientific approach to constructing a best-seller, Christine Frazier deconstructs the common elements of popular books. She uses her findings for the ‘Master Outline’ in order to provide a novel with better research backing. She also offers her insights on word counts, plots, and developing characters.


The Passive Voice

Offering a somewhat snarky, yet satirical musings of the legal end involved with the writing business. Attorney David Vandagriff helps navigate publishing and writing contracts. The Passive Voice is a great source of intellectual property litigation for you to brush up on.


The World’s Greatest Book

Offering some upfront talk and truth about the business of book production and publishing, Dave Bricker offers insights into typography, marketing, and book design. If you are looking to make a fantastic book, this editor, graphic designer, and author can help you.



With the literary industry constantly shifting and showing a rapid growth, getting published is becoming a more and more complicated task. Through the guides, directories, and blog posts of trusted companies and names, an aspiring writer can find a way to overcome the grasp of the struggle at Author.Pub.


Goins, Writer

Through newsletters, blogs, and podcasts, Best-seller Jeff Goinshas created a site that truly inspires writers to awaken to their inner creative gifts and unleash their true voice. He offers an insight into the life of success as well as providing practical advice for your pen driven craft.



This is a truly inspiring website that has been the resting place for soon-to-be-published Ava Jae for five years. She has opened her internet home up to deliver writing tips, how to guides, blog posts about her journey, and more.


How to Plan, Write and Develop a Book

Lengthy in name, Mary Carroll Moore created this site to devote her knowledge to aiding writers into bringing their work to fruition. With weekly writing exercises, a 12-week book development course, and blog posts, she aims to push writers successfully into the publishing process.


Go Teen Writers

Seeking to help provide encouragement, wisdom, and a community to teen writers, Stephanie Morrill created Go Teen Writers with the understanding that many start developing a love for writing at early ages. She helps anyone who is willing to learn about the process of finishing their novels and publishing.


 Blots & Plots

Founder Jenny Bravo provides a blog that follows her own publishing process that reads like a book. Her mission was to offer guidance for writers, as well as anecdotes, that want to make the transition into the world of publishing.


Jody Hedlund, Author

If you are looking for help to survive the challenges of the publishing world, Jody Hedlund shares her writing journey to the public with her advice, encouragement, and inspirational blog.


Guide to Literary Agents (Writer’s Digest)

Chuck Sambuchino’s blog has become one of the most popular in publishing. Guide to Literary agents is one of the best writing websites a starting author could frequent thanks to the blogs that offer advice like finding agents, sending query letters, and more.


Literary Rambles

Partners in blog, Casey McCormick and Natalie Aquirre, highlight interviews with children’s authors, agents, and agencies. They provide an in-depth look to the world of children’s publishing.


The Kill Zone

Blogging every day, you are able to gain insights into publishing, the writing craft, and marketing. Also you gain access to the minds of eleven of the best suspense writers as well as publishing professionals.


Indies Unlimited

This writing website is an overwhelming source of knowledge for publishing, writing, news and tools for independent authors. Offering thousands of blog posts, as well as weekly specials, you can always find something to learn.


She’s Novel

Having made every mistake possible after a two and half-year draft write, Kristen Kieffer vowed to share the lessons she gained with would be writers. Her blog is a resource hub that provides to the reader’s navigation through the journey of creating wonderful novels.


Nail Your Novel

Ghostwriter, Roz Morris, is a book doctor that has decided to share her self-publishing tips as well as her musings. She also encourages individuals to check out her radio program “So You Want to Be a Writer?”



Terribleminds is a wonderful writing website for a realist with a sense of humor. Chuck Wendig shares his honest, and vulgar satire, opinions and truths about writing. He is a man who says what everyone else thinks, and he has created the perfect environment to gain confidence and get back to writing.


Helping Writers Become Authors

M. Weiland is a publishing/ writing mentor to those who frequent this writing website. Her inspirational blog posts, detailed e-books, and e-letter exclusives answer all the questions that burn in your head. Very responsive when it comes to her e-mails, as long as they are about publishing, marketing fiction, and writing.


Jane Friedman

The industry of writing and authorship is ever expansive and changing. Thankfully, former publisher, Jane Friedman is sharing knowledge of more than 15 years in the industry through her blog. As she explores the transition of publishing and authorship into the digital age, she is happy to inform anyone who is in need.



Offering free book marketing plans, and press release templates, Standoutbooks provides a vast source of informative articles, tools, resources, for publishing and marketing, and templates. If you have written your book, why wait? Check out this writing website now.


Novel Publicity

With a core belief of every story should be told, with loyal fans and a platform, Novel Publicity hands out guidance in publishing, marketing, and writing. Their posts go over fields such as author blogging, financing book designs, social media strategy, and more.


The Book Deal

Alan Rinzler, successful editor, provides advice on the traditional publishing process, landing an agent, marketing and self-publishing. This is a truly remarkable industry insider who has more than enough knowledge to share, and a notable writing website to share it with.


This concludes this week’s installment of the writing website series. All of you will-be authors can take this plethora of knowledge with you to aid you in your publishing needs. If you are still in the editorial stages of your book or short story, feel free to reach out to us. We can help make sure that your story sticks.

Please comment below if you know of any wonderful writing websites that work with self-made authors and publishing. We would also love to hear your thoughts on any of these websites.

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